I’ll tell you how many…

Got an email this morning from a co-worker.

He said he saw my buddy Roman and I on the news that morning.

I deleted the email. Whatever.

He called me about an hour later and said, “You think I was lying?”

Come to find out, there was a blurb on this morning’s news about DC’s smoking ban that went into effect today, and they had some footage of people smoking.

And, yeah, I’m on there.

Since I didn’t sign a release, I think I’m gonna sue.

How many people get to be on TV on their birthday?

I’ll tell you how many: Only the cool ones.


(special thanks to shiki for grabbing the video for me)

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Greg the Surly

Happy Belated B-day. I was playing Eve-Online yesterday and I saw someone named Stewie. I just figure its something else to sue over. Enjoy the new found cash


Does the birthday tv appearance count if it’s because you’ve taken hostages? Or does it have to be luck of the draw?


Thanks Greg! I’m writing these things down, you know. Anyone who brings me these sorts of things gets a cut.

Carrie, Lord, that was funny as hell. Now I have something to plan for next year. I’ll make it a theme.


ZOMG! Stewie is teh fam0us!!!!11!111!!uno!!!111!!

Those news people will be first among those who will one day rue. Oh yes, they will RUE THE DAY!


Happy belated b’day 😉

U really are better than a whole lotta other ppl…u proved this by ur TV appearance on ur b’day!! 🙂


Lesley, yes, yes I am. Now all I need is people to do my bidding.

Hotdudi, you are my new favorite person. You get it!

Freak Magnet

Telling everyone you were on TV, telling everyone it’s your birthday. You attention whore.



Nice try not cracking up on camera.


freak, yes i am.

ace, thanks! honestly i don’t even remember them filming. i deduced it was last summer because of my sideburns.


You’re officially what we journalists call “file footage.” Congrats!