Her and Freak did some lesbian action…

I’ve met a few people online in “real life”, and it’s always a little weird becuase you have no idea what to expect–last night was no exception.

Last night, Freak and I met fellow blogger, Norman, for a few beers. Norman was in our area this week for some top secret stuff–I never did quite understand what she actually does for a living–and we met up in a bar a couple of blocks from where I work.

Honestly, as I told Norman, I probably would not have gone if Freak hadn’t. My previous contact with Norm has been limited to my comments on her blog, hers on mine and maybe three or five emails. I think her and Freak had exchanged quite a few more emails, so I just went along for the hell of it. I called my buddy, who works in the area, and asked him if he wanted to join us. I figured if Norm got on my damn nerves, at least I could catch up with him as we don’t usually get a chance for beers but once every couple months.

From her blog alone, because that’s all I really had to go on, I made an impression of Norm. She was pretty much what I expected, but not. It’s weird. I don’t rightly know what I expected, because, like I said, you never really can tell. I’ve been told I am exactly the way in real life as I am online, and I can dig that. Norm was too, but funnier. And, contrary to what she says, she does not look like her pictures–at least the ones she posted on her blog. She looks wiser in real life, for lack of a better term.

Anyway, I had a great time. We talked about her ghost (in which I told her she should get out of the damn house. If the house is telling you to get out, you get the fuck out). We talked about movies. Her and Freak did some lesbian action. We talked about trying to find a damn ashtray. Well, Norm and I talked about that. I came through and provided (’cause I’m Superman).

All in all, I had a good time. I don’t know about Norm. She seemed to be enjoying herself. And, by the looks of it, if she wasn’t enjoying our company, she made plenty of friends at the bar. That girl talks to everyone. One woman promised her a drink next time she came back, and another came to the table to say it was nice meeting her. WTF? I didn’t even see her talk to that second lady.

Here are the slew of pics I took.

Here’s freak and Norm.


Here’s freak, Norm and me.

Do NOT muss my hair.