I know a cure for that…

About 10 years ago or so, I had two roommates, Jeff and Jason.  Jeff was a great roommate.  We were great friends (still are), and Jason was, well, Jason was comic relief (until, of course, he stopped paying his share of the bills).

One of the things that was a source of boundless entertainment was Jason’s girlfriend.  Or, rather, the way she treated him and the way he made excuses for her.  And it was an endless supply of laughs.

One day, Jason was telling some story or another of something she had said or did to him.

“What in the fuck is wrong with her?” I asked.

“She has seasonal depression,” he said.  Making yet another excuse for the way she treated him.

“Seasonal depression?  What the fuck is that?”

“She gets depressed in the winter because it gets darker earlier.  Or because there isn’t as much light as there is in the summer or something.”

“I know a cure for that,” Jeff offered.

“What?” asked Jason, interested.

“Buy that bitch a lightbulb.”

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Greg the Surly

I think I know her sister. I also think the “P” in PMS is for Permanant

Freak Magnet

The proper psychiatric term is Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. That acronym cracks me up. “I have SAD. SAD makes me sad.”

And I love Jeff. He breaks it down so simply.


I have SAD! I’m a lot happier when the sun’s out & the day’s are longer…which isn’t very often here actually! Its no wonder I’m a miserable sh*t most of the time!


I think I have dysthemia. 🙂

Freak Magnet

Don’t you mean dysthymia?


SAD may exist, but yeah, it shouldn’t be an excuse for someone to be a psycho 24/7


Did he ever use the “But you dont know her like I do, she’s really not that bad” line?


Greg – don’t date her sister. If you do, though, blog much about it. I like to have bad relationships vicariously through others.

Freak – he is the best person to ask for advice for that very reason.

Hotdudi – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dispute that it exists, but this chick was an attention whore. It was her flavor of the month.

Ace – but do you use it as an excuse?

Snooze – EXACTLY.

Fuckkit – Holy shit. Yes, yes he did. Constantly.


Only when I’m really bitchy.

And Freak, yeah, I guess. I’ve seen it spelled both ways.

Dammit, Freak, I’m a writer, not a doctor!

Freak Magnet

Ace – I did some research after I blurted my comment out and found out they both exist independent of each other and are different. My bad. How are you, by the way, now that I’ve hijacked Stewie’s blog…