Friends, authors, movie stars and stuttering. A good time was had by all…

HorrorFind Weekend 2004.

Or, as I lovingly refer to it, DorkFest 2004.

A full weekend of nothing but horror related movies, merchandise and celebrities. A full weekend of good times.

This is something that has become somewhat of a tradition for me and my friends from Horrortalk. For the third year, we flocked to the Hunting Valley Marriott for a reunion of sorts. Every year has been great, and this year was not any different.

Highlights (for me) of the show…

Seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Closing the bar with Joe, his mrs., Krystal and Eric.
Drinking with Kevin and Rick. Okay, I was drinking Mountain Dew, but I was sick.
The Brian Keene reading. (
Talking with Matthew Warner. (
Meeting Joe Lansdale.
Meeting Angela Bettis.
The Timewarp group picture.
Stuttering around Leanna and Darla because, well, just because.

Actually, the reason I stuttered around Darla is (and this is taken word for word from my post at HorrorTalk)….

I hit Timewarp’s table Friday and talked to Ripple for a little. I asked him if the Timewarp ladies were going to be there that weekend, signing. He said both Leanna and Darla were going to be there on Saturday. Good times.

Now, Joe, as well as The Hitman and some of you others know the love I have for the Timewarp women, particularly Darla and Leanna.

After walking by the table about 1000 times on Saturday (and having to make idle chat with Ripple every one of those times, when in reality I was just waiting for the women–I’m betting Joe knew that, though. ), I finally saw Darla at the table.

I was about 20 feet away heading toward the table when I saw Ripple look up at me, then whisper in Darla’s ear. Here we go.

So I get to the table and get my DVD ready to sign.

Darla stands up and smiles, leans in real close and says in a smokey, sultry, sexy voice, “I really like bald men. They are so hot.”

Yeah, I couldn’t say shit after that. I knew it was a setup, but my God, I melted.

I know I probably looked like a dork, but to hear her say that, set up or not, was worth the fluster.

I was coherent enough to get a pic taken…


The only downside to the show was there are a few friends that couldn’t make the show. I hope they can make it next year.

All in all, a GREAT time.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

Looking at this blog, I realize it’s not as entertaining as my others. I’ll have to work on that for the next one. Seeing as how I inadvertently went to a gay bar last night, it should be a good one.

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