I want no disturbances…

I was looking at pics of belly dancers tonight because, let’s face it, belly dancers are hot.

I came across Irina’s page.

It’s not really her “page” page, but more of an ad. Because, apparently, you can hire Irina.

For $700 (US) a month.

A month!!!!

Holy God. I got some taxes coming back. I’m wondering if I can get a price break if I pay for three months up front. But, hell, even if I don’t that’s cool.

No phone calls or visits for the next three months, kids. I’m gonna have an on-call belly dancer. I want no disturbances.

Dancing queen!

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A certain SINner may get jealous, ya know…

I’m just saying.

Freak Magnet

Lesley, don’t you worry about that. Stewie doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself, so it would make no difference in Stewie Land.


Lesley – HA! I fear no one. Okay, maybe I do. I better watch myself.

Freak – Right the fuck on.


That is quite the bargain and a brilliant way of planning to use your tax refund.


Irina!?! Really!?! Is she just gonna dance for u!?! Cos get me a ticket & I’ll damn well dance for u!!! At least I’m authentic!!! Hehehe!!!


I didn’t see any rates, but it would be cool to be followed around constantly by a belly-dancer, methinks.

Like Lewis Black talking about how he’d spend his money if he were one of those CEOs who stole $100 million. Or the guy on the commercial with his own theme song.


hmm…. belly dancers. Not seein’ it.

The only reason is because my mom took belly dancing lessons before,and I do NOT see it as a sexy thing!!! LOL

EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! THE VISUAL THE VISUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg the Surly

i wonder if they honor coupons?