Don’t hold your breath…

I won something on eBay last week, and yesterday it was delivered. Cool, right?

This morning, before I went to work, I got an email from the seller via eBay.

The post office reports the item has been delivered. Thank you for bidding. I will leave you positive feedback after I recieve it from you. Thanks Again.

What the hell?

You will leave me feedback after you receive it from me?

Don’t hold your breath.

Let me make this clear to you sellers on ebay: Do not send this out to people like me. You shouldn’t send it out at all.

First, you are selling something to me. You should be thanking me for my business. When I go to the store, they thank me for shopping there. Not the other way around.

Second, I don’t give a shit about feedback. I don’t live and breath by eBay feedback, so me not getting that “+1” isn’t going to make me lose any sleep at night.

Now if this guy decides to drop me a positive, I’ll probably get around to returning the favor. I’m not against the feeback system, and I usually say something asinine in my feedback. Cause, really, how many times do you have to see “Great transaction A++++++”?

But he can kiss my ass on a first response from me.

And, the irony is, if he hadn’t sent that stupid ass email, he would of had his feedback already.

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Freak Magnet

You’re so spiteful. You’d cut off your nose to spite your face.

Yessssss, I got to use that on someone else!


ZOMG! A credit to EBAY! A+++++++!!!! Would def. do business with again!!!!!


That comment would completely have infuriated me as well. I hope whatever you bought was worth having to deal with that annoyance.


The nerve!


oh i frigging HATE it when the sellers do that!!!!!


and yet you appear to be saying you’ll leave the seller positive feedback after you receive it from him…..


GG. x


Ok, you pathetic “customers” have had your say. Now I’ll give you the correct(opposite) point of view. 🙂 We sellers should thank you? For what? Allowing us the opportunity to put up with ridiculous eBay policies in order to sell merchandise at roughly 50% off, while fielding ignorant questions from stupid people who wouldn’t have the question if they actually READ the fuckin’ listing? And then if we do maybe sell the item for cheap, half the time the bidder backs out and eBay keeps the insertion fee so we just paid for an item we didn’t sell.(note: You will… Read more »


But you’re the one crying. He told you the policy–you’ll get feedback if you leave it. If you don’t, screw you. “Let me make this clear to you sellers on ebay: Do not send this out to people like me. You shouldn’t send it out at all.” Hey, we’re the sellers. We can do what we want. You may say, “I’ll take my business elsewhere!”. So what? There’s always another buyer lined up right behind you. And if you had ever sold ANYTHING retail you’d care about my points, but you don’t realize that most of you consumers are fuckin’… Read more »


You might have a valid point if on his auction description he had something that said, “I will not leave feedback until I get it and I will hold your feedback over your head until I do.” See, then I would know up front how he was. And I’m not one of the idiots that says “I’ll never shop here again!” I’d probably buy from the person again because, like I said, I could give a shit about the feedback. I find it amusing — especially since he sent a follow up. I worked retail for 10 years. 99% of… Read more »


–Doesn’t change the fact that the only reason the company I worked for was in business was because of the customers That’s the only reason ANY company stays in business–but that’s one of those party lines companies try to sell to make themselves look better. If people want your product there’s ALWAYS other customers. So there’s no reason to put up with unreasonable shit from stupid people, just because they’re customers. If you treat the people right who treat you right then it all works good. It’s like a symbiotic relationship. And yeah, I’ve owned a store for almost 12… Read more »


–The moment I paid him, my part of the deal was complete. That’s where he gives me a positive. Fuck this “i’ll leave you positive after i receive positive.” fuck that. I did my part. I paid him. AH-HA! Here’s where you’re wrong. HIS part of the process is to get you the item you paid for. If he gets you your item, his part is done. The feedback is mutual, and the fact that the buyer almost never does it is the reason we sellers had to implement the policy. –Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass that you… Read more »