Don’t hold your breath…

I won something on eBay last week, and yesterday it was delivered. Cool, right?

This morning, before I went to work, I got an email from the seller via eBay.

The post office reports the item has been delivered. Thank you for bidding. I will leave you positive feedback after I recieve it from you. Thanks Again.

What the hell?

You will leave me feedback after you receive it from me?

Don’t hold your breath.

Let me make this clear to you sellers on ebay: Do not send this out to people like me. You shouldn’t send it out at all.

First, you are selling something to me. You should be thanking me for my business. When I go to the store, they thank me for shopping there. Not the other way around.

Second, I don’t give a shit about feedback. I don’t live and breath by eBay feedback, so me not getting that “+1” isn’t going to make me lose any sleep at night.

Now if this guy decides to drop me a positive, I’ll probably get around to returning the favor. I’m not against the feeback system, and I usually say something asinine in my feedback. Cause, really, how many times do you have to see “Great transaction A++++++”?

But he can kiss my ass on a first response from me.

And, the irony is, if he hadn’t sent that stupid ass email, he would of had his feedback already.