He’s getting a little antsy…

Where you planning on leaving feedback?

That was the email I got today from Mr. Seller. He’s getting a little antsy.

I don’t know if he’s asking if I was planning on leaving feedback, or, if I do, where I was going to put it.

I don’t know how I’m going to reply, yet.

I’m thinking about something along the lines of:

Re: Where you planning on leaving feedback?

I’ll probably bury it in a secret spot, but you’ll get a map to it!

Yeah, that needs work.

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I hate when people don’t spell things right!! It’s one of my biggest pet peeve’s!


Too funny! I think you now have an ebay stalker. I can’t wait to see how this evolves.


You know, I have to say I’m a little disappointed. Weren’t you going to use this comment to give me a shout-out? Am I not a credit to comments?



OH MAN!! I’ve never been stalked for feedback before!! Tell him to come get your feedback from 1-800-EAT-SHIT. (not very original, but maybe it’ll get the point across)


Yeah, I got the same email from buyers. I just ignore them. My email clearly stated my terms. But you know them buyers…average IQ is about 87.


All, I still don’t know how I want to do this. I think I’ll wait for one more reply. aric, you are calling the IQ of buyers 87. hmmmmmmm. Did you not notice anything wrong from the seller’s email? Poor aric. 🙁 No one feels your plight. 🙁 Wait, could it be that no one cares?  That’s probably it.  I’ve left more feedbacks than I’ve received, and I’ve only bought on ebay.  Do I care?  No.  Am I going to leave feed back now that I’m being told to?  Fuck no.  I’m childish and stubborn. Make sure next time you… Read more »



There was nothing wrong with his email. He told you his policy, and you over-reacted to it.


Hey, at least you’re admitting it!


Why? The guy didn’t ask you to thank him–he told you he’d leave you feedback when you leave him feedback. That way it’s mutual. But you wigged out.

The only way a seller on eBay can be sure that the buyer was happy with the transaction is when he files feedback. And you think he should be scolded for that…uh, yeah.


You are. Or you would be if you realized I was in front of your house right now typing on my laptop, using your wireless access because I’m about to come in your house and kill you. No cocoa tonight!


LOL!!! Sorry Aric!! You’re the one wiggin’ out on this one!! Re-read the sellers message to Stewie!!

Greg the Surly

I’d leave him feed back that said “the transaction was acceptable, but because he’s a feedback whore, he really irritated me after the sale about leaving this damn comment. Had i known, I’d have shopped elsewhere, or thrown in extra for a lesson in customer service.”


Which message? There is NOTHING strange or outrageous about the first email at all.

The second one’s a little weird, but the one that sent Stewie ballistic is perfectly fine. You should read my emails to buyers. Now THOSE are outrageous.



I went “ballistic”.