I think we’ll be stronger for it…

It’s been awhile since I got a random chat, and I was so excited that I think I scared her off.

I’m going to try to initiate conversation tomorrow and see if I can’t patch things up between us.  I think we’ll be stronger for it.

lovergirlluvu: hi
lovergirlluvu: asl plz

Alien_Redrum1947: ZOMG!
Alien_Redrum1947: 18/b/hawaii
Alien_Redrum1947: you?

lovergirlluvu: 25 f itay

Alien_Redrum1947: where is itay?
Alien_Redrum1947: is that in the second star system?

lovergirlluvu: no

Alien_Redrum1947: do you have a pic?
Alien_Redrum1947: (preferably in a furry outfit)
Alien_Redrum1947: are you single?

lovergirlluvu: yea
lovergirlluvu: u?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.
Alien_Redrum1947: it’s hard to find the right woman. 🙁

lovergirlluvu: wat do u mean by dat?

Alien_Redrum1947: i’m looking for a woman who makes me pot pies and doesn’t give me lip.

lovergirlluvu: yea
lovergirlluvu: am there for u ok

Alien_Redrum1947: YES!
Alien_Redrum1947: how was your holiday?

lovergirlluvu: kool

Alien_Redrum1947: you want to know how mine was?
Alien_Redrum1947: (please say yes LOLOLOL)

lovergirlluvu: yes

Alien_Redrum1947: It was a banner fuckin’ year at the old Bender family. I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said “Hey. Smoke up Johnny.”
Alien_Redrum1947: do you have a picture?

lovergirlluvu: yeap\

Alien_Redrum1947: sweet!
Alien_Redrum1947: let me have it, cupcake
Alien_Redrum1947: i should be a little more honest, though. i do have a girlfriend. she lives in canada, so you wouldn’t know her. but she’s mean to me.
Alien_Redrum1947: her name is georgina glass

Alien_Redrum1947: still waiting on that pic

Alien_Redrum1947: are you still there? because i think i heard a ruckus. what was that ruckus?

Alien_Redrum1947: you know, it’s not very nice to initiate a conversation with someone, only to leave them hanging. a man gets his hopes up that he finally might be meeting that “special someone”, only to have her ignore him.

Alien_Redrum1947: are you breaking up with me?

Alien_Redrum1947: take your time thinking about that because i have to run off for a minute.
Alien_Redrum1947: but don’t leave me hanging because i have to know if it’s over.

Alien_Redrum1947: are you still there?

I have a good feeling about this one, kids.

Hopefully she’ll be ready to open up tomorrow.