I’ve been severly lacking…

I’ve been severly lacking in the blog updates, lately, and to the readers, I apologize.

I’ve said in the past, I started this to write more, and I haven’t had a proper update in a good while.

However, I’m not angry with myself for not writing, as I have been, but in the form of reviews for HorrorTalk, the site I review for. Ace, my editor, probably is on his last leg with me (only two more on the plate, bro).

Anyway, I found that I have a pimple inside my ear.

I need to figure out how the hell can I get rid of this bastard, as it is bugging the shit out of me.

Stupid pimples.

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Oh, I just figured you were wooing other unsuspecting women via chat. That snippet you shared with us was so amazing. But writing about horror is a good parallel for the dating experience anyhow. Good luck with the ear pimple. I hate those and don’t know how you can hasten its disappearance.


A pimple in your EAR? Ewwwwwww…

Not sure what would get rid of that. A hot compress? Pop it with a pin? An ear-ectomy?


Freak Magnet

Take a Q-tip and dig around until it’s gone. Don’t blame me if you perforate your eardrum.


Get Freak Magnet to push on it with a bobby pin. It’s probably actually a blackhead. EWWWWW!!!!


Grow a nail kinda longish, and scrape like hell.

Freak Magnet

You know this blog is totally disgusting.


Thanks for the suggestions, all!

I ended up jamming an icepick in my ear and it took care of eveything.