Dear Bands on MySpace…

Dear Bands on MySpace,

Recently, I added a semi-popular band as a friend.  I did this for two reasons.  The first is I really like the band.  The second is so I could drop a banner for the site I write reviews for.  Everyone’s a winner.  They get more friends (thus looking more popular) and my reviews (hopefully) get more hits.

I did not, however, add this particular band so every fucking bar and local band would innudate me with friend requests.

Now I understand what you are trying to do.  You are trying to get your band’s name out there.  And I can dig it.  I also understand, on some level, it works because of the friend whores on MySpace.

But, for the love of God, please just stop.  I don’t want to be your friend.  I don’t listen to your music.  If I want to discover new music, I will discover it myself, thank you.

Having something shoved in your face is not a “discovery”.

So, in short, stop fucking spamming me.


Stewie Redrum, esq.

Oh, and yes, I do use myspace to actually network.  But feel free to make fun of me!

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Stewie Redrum, esq.”




Thanks for the Add!


Ron, but isn’t that the best form of flattery, or something?

DJ, I was going to add that .jpg as a reply, but I’m stupid and lazy.


ZOMG! Teh h8!!!!

If you’re not on MySpace for the bands, then what are you on there for? The child molesters???


I bet you don’t wear t-shirts with logos on them either. Between bands on MySpace and e-bay comment whores, keep up the good fight.


Hey bitch, didja get my friend invite? I sent it to you, but the whole myspace thing is crashing everytime I log in. Someone said I should get on there to promote my company, so I threw something up there real quick. I find the whole process and web site to be incredibly crappy–I have to log in every 5 minutes, and I get TONS of error messages every time I try to do anything.


I hate myspace for that very same reason!