Another random chat…

Got another random today from roseonline4man.  At first I thought it was a bot, but after numerous questions, I don’t think she was.

Since this thing is so huge, I’m going to break it down in two parts.

Part one is us talking business, and potentially forming some sort of partnership. 

roseonline4man: hello I am Rose Wilson,the Deputy Personnal Manager for Rose House Hold Ltd in London,England.Am appointed to recruit an employee from your state to work for us and be earning $500 twice a week on every transaction transaction may be up to twice thrice in a week depends on how payment comes in from customers and your honesty also counts… Pm Me For More Details

Alien_Redrum1947: holy shit!
Alien_Redrum1947: yeah!
Alien_Redrum1947: are you still there?

roseonline4man: yeah

Alien_Redrum1947: i need to tint the van’s windows, so i’m definitely looking for cash
Alien_Redrum1947: hook me up
Alien_Redrum1947: what do i have to do?

roseonline4man: Firstly,i will like to know ur asl….(Age,Sex and location) and what you do for a
living presently.
roseonline4man: I am Rose Wilson,the Deputy Personnal Manager for Rose House Hold Ltd in London,England

Alien_Redrum1947: I’m a white male, 33 – 37 living on the east coast.  my neighbors would say i keep to myself.
Alien_Redrum1947: right now, i’m unemployed
Alien_Redrum1947: because i like to keep moving around

roseonline4man: We are also able to manufacture to our customers specific design requirements. As our main area of business is the promotional market we are constantly working with our clients on new and innovative designs and provide a fast and flexible service. Blank Tea Towels, Cotton Canvas Bags and Cotton Drill Aprons are our most popular products us

Alien_Redrum1947:i could definitely put some of those products to use.
Alien_Redrum1947: in particular the towels and bags.
Alien_Redrum1947: cleaning up and moving “product”, so to speak.

roseonline4man: ok
roseonline4man: have you cash a check b4 ?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.
Alien_Redrum1947: in various identities.
Alien_Redrum1947: like i said, i move around a lot.
Alien_Redrum1947: i have to.

roseonline4man: All you have to do is help us recieve payments from our reliable customers in the united States.These payments will be coming to you in either Cashiers Check,Money Orders which are drawn on US Bank and they will be issued in your Name and send to you as our representatives.

Alien_Redrum1947: will that be a problem?  me moving around?
Alien_Redrum1947: will you need a steady address?
Alien_Redrum1947: my, uh, “job” keeps me on the, uh, run.  so to speak

roseonline4man: have a cahing acct ?
roseonline4man: As soon as you receive any payment from any of our clients,all you need to do is take it to your Bank or a Pawn Shop or a Check Cashing Place around you and have it cashed it,then you going to deduct your $300 from it and send whatever the remaining to the company based on instruction that will be given to you.

Alien_Redrum1947: that sounds fantastic.
Alien_Redrum1947: you aren’t a bot are you.
Alien_Redrum1947: shit!  hang on, the bitch just got loose.  i gotta go tape her down again.
Alien_Redrum1947: brb

roseonline4man: Because the cost of coming to the state and getting payments is very expensive, we can spend up 1,300 dollas only in buying tickets,so we need a representative in the united state who willbe handling that aspect
roseonline4man: hello

Alien_Redrum1947: are you a bot

roseonline4man: I want you to be rest assured that this transaction wouldn’t cost you any amount and no tax involved in it.All you have to do is just to receive payments which will be sent to you through Fedex or UPS courier services from our clients and this doesn’t entails any money from you for everything will be arranged by our clients……

Alien_Redrum1947: are you for real
Alien_Redrum1947: ?

roseonline4man: YEAH

Alien_Redrum1947: dammit!  that bitch got loose again.  brb.  i gotta go get a hammer
Alien_Redrum1947: okay.  sorry.  women.  you know how it is.

roseonline4man: ok
roseonline4man: If you are interested i would need you to give me your Full Name,Contact Address,Phone Number and your e-mail address so i can send it to my client and he’ll issue and the payment to you.

Alien_Redrum1947: do ya’ll sell duct tape, rope, handcuffs, gags and blindfolds?
Alien_Redrum1947: if so, do i get a discount?
Alien_Redrum1947: i need an answer before we proceed.

roseonline4man: i told you as soon as you get the payent you cash it up and you take out you 10% from it and send the rest
roseonline4man: ok

Alien_Redrum1947: you didn’t answer my question
Alien_Redrum1947: either you are a bot or you don’t care about my questions

roseonline4man: yeah
roseonline4man: i do see them
roseonline4man: why do you ask ??

Alien_Redrum1947: so, do you sell high quality handcuffs, duct tape, gags and blindfolds?
Alien_Redrum1947: because i’m getting a little tired of using the woman’s panties as a gag.  it’s so cliche.

roseonline4man: Oh Oh I…So much r u gonna pay me?

Alien_Redrum1947: LIAR
Alien_Redrum1947: LIAR
Alien_Redrum1947: GO AWAY ASS

roseonline4man: what do u need handcuffs, duct tape, gags and blindfolds for?

Alien_Redrum1947: now we’re talking!
Alien_Redrum1947: i need them for, uh, just for things i do.
Alien_Redrum1947: a hobby.
Alien_Redrum1947: does your company have these things in high quality?
Alien_Redrum1947: and, if so, do i get a discount?

roseonline4man: common tell me what exactyly iy is

Alien_Redrum1947: i can’t.
Alien_Redrum1947: are you a cop?

roseonline4man: why dont u wana tell me?
roseonline4man: Nope i am not..I’m a Criminal

Alien_Redrum1947: you might not understand

roseonline4man: common wish u knew teh kind of a person ii am..I A DON

Alien_Redrum1947: a don?
Alien_Redrum1947: of the mafia?

roseonline4man: Yea

Alien_Redrum1947: nice!
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like the sopranos?
Alien_Redrum1947: how realistic is that?

roseonline4man: so let me know what exactly ya deal with

Alien_Redrum1947: i deal with the skin trade

roseonline4man: u sell body parts?

Alien_Redrum1947: i don’t sell them.

roseonline4man: what do ya do with them?…You eat them?

Alien_Redrum1947: no.  that’s kind of gross.  what kind of sick fuck are you?

roseonline4man: Where are you from?
roseonline4man: where r u originaly frm

Alien_Redrum1947: nowhere.  everywhere.  it doesn’t matter.
Alien_Redrum1947: originally washington state

roseonline4man: yea….awesome
roseonline4man: so do u need me to supply you some of what ya need?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.  but it has to be on the downlow

roseonline4man: common are u kidding with me or what?

Alien_Redrum1947: no
Alien_Redrum1947: why would i be kidding.
Alien_Redrum1947: i do need that stuff.
Alien_Redrum1947: as soon as my van is good to go, i’m hitting the road again

roseonline4man: u dont need dead bodies?

Alien_Redrum1947: why the hell would i need pre-provided dead bodies
Alien_Redrum1947: where the hell is the fun in that?

roseonline4man: ok

Alien_Redrum1947: there is no challange

roseonline4man: so how can we start the deal
roseonline4man: ?

Alien_Redrum1947: hey.
Alien_Redrum1947: i just checked out your profile
Alien_Redrum1947: you’re hot
Alien_Redrum1947: you’re the type of woman i look for

roseonline4man: huhh tyl

Thus ends part one.

As you can see, I viewed her profile and saw her fake pic.

Well this end in glorious cyber?

Tune in tomorrow, dear readers, to find out.

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Stewie, you are one twisted person. Great stuff.