I took it to the next level…

Before I get to part two of the interesting chat from yesterday, here’s a developing story on what happens when your phone is stolen by an idiot.


Now, back to the hot.

As you remember, after some business discussion, I found out that I wasn’t talking to a bot, as I’m used to doing.

After a glance at the (fake) profile, I found the picture used to be of an attracive young lady.  So I decided to take our relationship to the next level.

Alien_Redrum1947: hey.
Alien_Redrum1947: i just checked out your profile
Alien_Redrum1947: you’re hot
Alien_Redrum1947: you’re the type of woman i look for

roseonline4man: huhh tyl

Alien_Redrum1947: where do YOU live

roseonline4man: i told you i am in uk now

Alien_Redrum1947: oh yeah.

roseonline4man: i need someone who help me to cash a chck

Alien_Redrum1947: we should hook up.
Alien_Redrum1947: you like the cyber?

roseonline4man: up
roseonline4man: yeah

Alien_Redrum1947: oh yeah
Alien_Redrum1947: let’s get it on, then, baby

roseonline4man: if you can help me out so i can come over to you
roseonline4man: ok

Alien_Redrum1947: absolutely.

roseonline4man: are you in Cyber ?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like it rough?
Alien_Redrum1947: what are you wearing?

roseonline4man: noting
roseonline4man: i am at home

Alien_Redrum1947: oh yeah.  sweet.
roseonline4man: you said you can help out to cash the check ?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.  let’s talk business later.
Alien_Redrum1947: now it’s pleasure.
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like rope or cuffs?

roseonline4man: so i can have your name to isusue out the check to you

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.  do you know how unsexy it is to talk business when i’m getting down to teh sexy

roseonline4man: ohh ok

Alien_Redrum1947: so, back to you.
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like rope or cuffs?

roseonline4man: cuffs*
roseonline4man: you /
roseonline4man: ??

Alien_Redrum1947: yes.  i cuff you to your bed posts.
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like that?

roseonline4man: yeah
roseonline4man: i love it

Alien_Redrum1947: awesome.
Alien_Redrum1947: now i pour some honey on you.
Alien_Redrum1947: this is getting hot

roseonline4man: yeah
roseonline4man: where are you at ?

Alien_Redrum1947: at the end of your bed, silly.
Alien_Redrum1947: now i tie your legs to the end of the bed, so i have complete control
Alien_Redrum1947: do you like me in control?

roseonline4man: yeah

Alien_Redrum1947: sweet.  you look so good there.  but i’m afraid you’ll leave me.
Alien_Redrum1947: so i leave the room…
Alien_Redrum1947: and come back with a sledgehammer.
Alien_Redrum1947: i hobble you so you can’t ever leave me
Alien_Redrum1947: does that get you hot?

roseonline4man: you have a girl /f //?

Alien_Redrum1947: yes, you are my girlfriend now.
Alien_Redrum1947: back to the sexy.

roseonline4man: cool
roseonline4man: k
roseonline4man: i am with you

Alien_Redrum1947: so, now that your ankles are all fucked up and you can’t leave me, i go and get my big jar of ants that i have.
Alien_Redrum1947: this is going to go great with the honey
Alien_Redrum1947: before i open the jar of ants, i spread out the honey all over your body.
Alien_Redrum1947: we can’t have them in one spot you know.
Alien_Redrum1947: you digging this, baby?

roseonline4man: ok

Alien_Redrum1947: sweet.
Alien_Redrum1947: i dump about 1000 ants on you.  they are fire ants and they love honey.
Alien_Redrum1947: you still withering in pain.
Alien_Redrum1947: you don’t like it.
Alien_Redrum1947: but i do, and it’s all about me.
Alien_Redrum1947: now i’m gonna go away for a while
Alien_Redrum1947: i’ll be back later.

roseonline4man: ok

*** roseonline4man has been ignored.

Being the sly one that I am, I have him/her on my buddy list for future fun.

Check out their profile.  You may get lucky, too! 

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Stewie honey, I really worry about u sometimes!!

Greg the Surly

I don’t know Stewie, She looks like a mafia kingpin to me. I don’t know why anyone would lie about something like that.


Hobbling? Where would you ever get a sick idea like that?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!!



Dude, be careful. You might end up being the one all trussed up by her. Or perhaps you’d like that?


Fire Ants and honey do I want to know how you came up with this?????????


Hey, email me, bitch!

Freak Magnet

One of these days you’ll get a real girl, pull this shit on her and end up arrested. Or make her laugh her ass off. It’s a toss-up.


lesley – it couldn’t have been done without you!

I don’t know why but this made me think of “You, alright?!! I learned it by watching YOU!!!!”