I had sex on the beach with an alligator. Twice…

So I’m in Colorado on business. Currently I’m in Colorado Springs and I’ll be moving onto Denver on Tuesday. Like I mentioned in the New York blog, one of the best things about rollouts is going out to the local bars.

Last night was no exception.

I left the east coast on an 8:40 am plane and arrived in Colorado 12:30 PM (central time), it was 2:30 for me. My co-worker/buddy, Steve, and the Colorado IT guy, Lucas, picked me up at the airport and we headed back to the office.

Seeing that it was the opening day for football season, we made it a point to knock everything out by 6:00 so we could go catch the game. We succeeded.

We hit the bar about 6 – well, Lucas and I did. Steve had to take care of some quick errands, so he was going to catch up with us a little later. Lucas had called a few of his buddies and they met us at the bar.

By 8 I was pretty much hammered.

I probably wouldn’t have been so drunk except for one major thing…

The bar had Hardcore on tap. Ice cold. On tap.

That is such a rarity, I just couldn’t help myself. Hardcore is hard enough to find at bars in general, but on tap, it’s super rare. So I had to enjoy it while I could. And enjoy it I did. On a sidenote, I think it’s called Hardcore so when us candyasses order it, we feel better about ourselves. It’s a lot cooler to say “Give me a Hardcore!” rather than “Can I have a Cider please?” Either way, I’ll take a cider over a beer any day. Maybe it’s the renaissance man in me.

As I’m drinking, a shot magically appears in front of me. Freddy, one of Lucas’s friends, bought a Yagermeister round. I’m not a fan of Yager, but not to be rude, I drank it.

Time goes on and we did another Yager round.

Then it’s suggested I do a Prairie Fire. I had no idea what it was and no one would tell me, but being the foolish drunk, I said what the hell – and the order was placed.

Well, it went down easy. And then the burn hit me. Wow. Apparently the Prairie Fire is a shot of tequila with tabasco sauce. Sometimes it’s better when you don’t know what you are getting into.

And the drinks went on.

Finally, Freddy told the bartender to make a drink for the east coasters. Something privy to the west coast. So she made Steve and I a Sex On the Beach With An Alligator. I have no idea what was in it, but it was served in a martini glass and it was so damn good I had to do it again. Now, SOtBWAA may not be privy to the west coast, but it was the first time I had it, so there you go.

The best part is I got back to hotel at 2:00AM my time, but it was only 12:00AM Denver time, so I got 2 extra hours of sleep.


Scratch that.

The best part was the naked girls dancing behind the screens at some bar we hit.

That was the best part.

Good times

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