One of the things about using blogger to blog is the “next blog” feature on a more regular basis. Usually, after I posted a new entry, I would hit “next blog” a few times to see if there was anything good.

99.9% of the time, I found nothing but teen angst, but on occasion I would find something of interest, and sometimes, I’d find a really good one that made it all worth while.


I was hitting “next blog” recently, and I came across a blog with a pay pal button.

Looking for donations.

Donations for the blog.

Can someone explain to me how the fuck that works? Why the hell would you need donations for something THAT IS FREE.

Shit, I moved this to my own server because I was tired of some things with blogger and I wanted to use word press (which is much, much sweeter). I could have used word press’ free option, but I chose to register a site (something I had been meaning to do for a while, and the provider was running a sweet deal).

Now if someone was using their own server, and was getting mad hits, I can almost understand a donation button. But on a free service? Fuck you. Seriously.

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Freak Magnet

Would you feel better if they had the words “tip jar” instead of “donations”?


I kind of wanted to put a Paypal button on my blog just to see if anybody would actually send me money. (That is to say, if anybody would be silly/dumb/crazy/odd/generous/just plain f-ed up enough to send me money.)


Hey Ace!! I’ll give you a penny!!!!

I have my Google Ad on my blog. I keep it up just because I annoy you… but it’s up to $67.43. I’ll send you a tip when I get my Google Check!


freak, that was funny. Nice tie in.

ace, i don’t know what’s worse, people who put them up or people donating.

norman, and what happens when you reach a 100 and they up it to 150 like they did with the 50? is it really worth it?


Well Mr. Negative, that’s such a CYNICAL attitude!!! Just for that, I’m gonna keep my $100, (except for the penny I’m going to give to Ace)


I think I have more respect for the Paypal button asking for money than for the Google ads. The Paypal button says “Hey, gimme some money, bitches!” whereas the Google ads say “I’m willing to be Google’s bitch for a few lousy pennies every day.” It takes a lot more cojones to just blatantly demand the money.

I’m just saying.


I’m willing to be Google’s bitch for a few lousy pennies every day. (I wish it were everyday!)


Norman, to paraphrase from a friend, “I’m not a cynic, I’m a realist.” That way I’m never disappointed. 🙂

Lesley, that’s an excellent point. It does take balls.

Real, you are working for the man!