I called my friend tonight and informed him I would be coming out to California in August.

“Yo!  I’m gonna be out there in August.  Can I crash?”


I gave him the dates, he checked his calendar.

“Looks good.  Give me your flight info and I’ll pick you up at the airport.”


So, sometime in August, I’m flying out to San Diego for the weekend.  Then I’m flying from San Diego to San Francisco to stay with some other friends (who are putting my ass up, too–solid!) for a couple days.  After that, I’m meeting up with another friend in San Francisco and we are renting a car and driving the coastel highway (the 101?) from San Fran to LA.

Scratch something else off the list.  I can’t wait.
And the roomie gets to run around the house naked for a change.

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Greg the Surly

HEY! when you make it up to SF. See if you can score pictures of the elusive Bee’s Knees. (insert 70’s pr0n music)


Are you heading towards Europe by any chance!?!


Going to see all your ghey friends in SF, eh? I bet they MISS you so much!

hahahahaha 🙂


Greg, don’t know how long I’ll be in San Fran. I think we’re getting the car and going. I’ll try, though.

Hot, England is on the top of my list for my next European country I want to visit. I’m shooting for next year. I was planning this year, but shit happens.

aric, I’ve seen your movies. I’ve noticed that the main male characters are always shirtless. I’m guessing you would be the expert on ghey, no?


Oooh! Let me know I’ll prepare to stalk you…I mean show you around my part of the country 😉

Freak Magnet

I won’t be running around naked. I’ll be fixing whatever goes wrong with your house because it always happens when you’re not there.


Just because the crack dealer sells crack doesn’t mean he’s a junkie.

But there is this reviewer who seems to like my movies a lot…you know, the ghey ones with the shirtless men. Who was that guy…?