I’ll take some scrapes and fear…

Yesterday I was thinking about my flight to California, and what would happen if something happened.

I’ve never been afraid of flying (I actually like it) and, except for that one flight to Germany when I nearly pissed my pants, I’ve never had any reservations about flying.  Statistically, I’ll be fine.

But, as I said, I was thinking about my flight.  The thing I was wondering about is say there’s a plane crash, but I survived.  What do I get out of it?  I mean, besides life.  Life is cool and all, but do I also get free first class tickets from that airline for the rest of my life?

I’ll take some scrapes and fear for a lifetime of free first class tickets.

Of course I say that now.

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How many plane crashes do you think people survive?! And besides, all the big lawsuit money will go to the families of the ones who DON’T make it. They get lost wages and earnings and loss of companionship, on top of the pain & suffering, which is all you’d get. Plus, you’d probably have to provve mental anguish or PTSD or something if you’re as uninjured as you’re hoping you’d be. I mean, you walk away, no harm, no foul, no cash. Dumbass. I hope you didn’t jinx yourself, I’ve only got like three or four friends. Couldn’t stand to… Read more »

Freak Magnet

In case you’re one of the ones who DON’T make it, can I have the house? I’ll take over payments, k?

And do you want to be buried with your DVD’s? Elephant man? Bottle of Russian vodka? Geisha?


If you did survive…would you even want to fly again? First class or not!?!?!


if you are the sole survivor, and Samuel L. Jackson starts leaving you cryptic notes and stalking you, be very careful!

And I think the first class idea is fabulous. that way you can get liquored up before take-off so that you don’t even care you’re on a plane!


Speaking of Sam Jackson, um, have you considered the possibility of snakes? On a plane?

Freak Magnet

Apparently he likes snakes, Ace. Terrified of teeny tiny spiders, but likes snakes. Go figure.


Dude, you could go on Oprah or Jerry Springer or something with your tale of survival. Milk it, milk it, milk it.


Ace – thanks, lol. I don’t believe in jinxes, so I’m not sweating it.

freak – absolutely! the house is all yours. this is my living will!

hot – indeed i will. i flipped a car in a car accident and it didn’t stop me from driving. And the way I figure, there’s no WAY i would be involved in TWO plane crashes.

lesley – lmao. good jackson reference.

ace – see freak’s comment. snakes don’t really bother me. they used to, but not anymore. spiders on a plane, on the other hand… *shudder*

snooze – YES! now we’re talking!