I’m still a gangsta…

When I was in Berlin, and not taking calls from my mother, I did a lot of walking around the first two days there.

On the second day, I was walking by a lot of those mini posters you often see at construction sites – advertising the next concert, the newest CD release, the latest movie, that sort of thing

One particular CD release poster caught my eye. It was a band I was quite fond of in the 80s and I hadn’t heard from them in a number of years, so the CD notice took me by surprise.

Duran Duran.

I made a mental note to pick it up. See if they are still as good as they once were — admittedly, I enjoyed Ordinary World (the song), so I wasn’t too worried.

Anyway, this past Sunday I went to the local used CD store to see if the CD was out yet. Not only was it out, but a used copy was available. In addition, their “Decade” CD was also available used, too. My lucky day.

I snagged both and started heading to the counter, then I realized something. I can’t be buying just Duran Duran. I’m hard. I’m a playa. So right before I hit the counter, and before the person noticed I was coming, I cut a hard left, went two aisles over, and picked out two more CDs.

NWA – The Greatest Hits and Eazy E’s Greatest Hits.

That’s right. I may be buying Duran Duran, but I’m still a gangsta.

Just keeping it real in Naptown…

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