Maybe I won’t come back…

I talked to my buddy last night (the one who lives in San Diego) and we were trying to decide what to do when I came out there.

First thing I found out was we would not be going to Alcatraz, as it is not in San Diego. Immediately following I was told I was an idiot.

We decided on a bar two blocks from him, a Padres game (most likely) and Tijuana. Oh, and the beach. Oddly, I’ve been to LA and Century City, but I’ve never been to the beach out there. Considering most of my beach experience is from shitty Ocean City, I’m looking forward to checking out the Pacific.

Four more weeks and I’m outta here. Maybe I won’t come back.

And since I’m testing yet another blog entry tool, here’s the devil sign. Shadow style.

zomg devil worship!