So I backtracked ot the last time I went to the bathroom…

After running a bunch of errands yesterday, I enjoyed an ice cold beverage at my coffee shop.  I hung out for an hour or two and, right before I left, I felt the need to go to the bathroom.

When I got to the toilet, I was surprised to discover there was no need to unzip, as my zipper was already down.

So I backtracked to the last time I went to the bathroom to determine how long the zipper was down.

After a moment of contemplating, I realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since I had woken up.

Here’s a breakdown of the places I went:

Circuit City for an hour, tooling around and buying software for my new cell.

My Chinese buffet for an hour.  Yeah, I couldn’t go to a restaurant that day where I just sat.  I had to pick one that involved walking to the buffet a couple times.

High’s for some smokes and some gas.

So I was running about for a few hours.

Good thing I don’t go commando.

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Freak Magnet

All those women who must have been staring in hopeful anticipation.



I think it’s good that you didn’t stop to hang out at a playground earlier in the day.




You weren’t wearing your Micky Mouse undies were you!?!?!

Greg the Surly

But sometimes the gental breeze across the goodies, makes it all worth while.