25 years and my life is still…

About a month ago, my friend, Jafo, shot me an email seeing if I was interested in catching the O.A.R. concert.  Having never heard O.A.R., I told him sure, I'd go if he had a ticket he couldn't get rid of.

Well, last Wednesday Jafo emailed me telling me where to meet him and his brother, Russ, for the concert.

Still having never heard O.A.R., I asked another friend, Matt, if he had.

"They're a college band, they'll be lots of women there, you'll have a good time," was his reply.

Jafo emailed me and said, "They sound like Dave Matthews."

Both were right.

Well Saturday came and I met Jafo and Russ at the mall (which was literally right across the street from the venue) and we headed over to do a little drinking before the show.   Wow.  If we had just stayed in the parking lot and tailgated the entire time, I would have been happy.  Even with Jafo yelling at me and Russ, "Stop looking!  They're like 15!"  In our defense, he only yelled that once.  And, in our defense, they didn't look 15.  And we only looked.  Damn kids.

Eventually the cops ran us off because the show was starting and there would be no riff-raff in the parking lot during the show.  And, for the record, they were running everyone off.  Not just us.

The show was pretty good, and I had a drunken blast even if I didn't know any of the songs.  Jafo only knew like two or three songs himself, so at one point he did what people who don't know the song being played.  He started singing another song that had pretty much the same beat.  And, since I didn't know the song being played, but did know "New Sensation", I sang along with him.   I think Russ was getting beers at this time.

A couple songs later, I recognized the beat of another familiar song.  No, not an O.A.R. song, but a 4 non blondes one.

So I started singing the one I knew.

25 years and my life is still…
I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope…

Jafo looked at me and started laughing.  And joined in.

Russ, who wasn't getting beers at the time, heard us.  Laughed.  And joined in.

So there we were, much to the delight of those around us, singing "What's Up".  And, of couse, you really have to get into the "And I scream from the top of my lungs WHAT'S GOING ON!" or it's all for naught.

I know the people to our left enjoyed our show, as I saw them laughing.  The 16 year olds in front of us, though, weren't too impressed.  I could tell by the dirty looks the one girl was giving us.  She was not pleased.  It's always nice when a teenager gives me a look of disgust.  Makes me feel a little warm inside.  Like I'm doing my part.

On a side–and somewhat related–note, to that girl who flirted with me in the beer line, but I didn't quite realize it until I walked away, my apologies.  Chances are even if I were sober I would have said something stupid, but at least I would have stuck around to talk to you.  I get even more dense when I'm drunk, so you caught me at a worse moment than usual.

Other than the fact that my dumb ass blew talking to a good looking woman (who, I assure you, was over 15), I had a solid time.  But that's par for the course when I hang out with Jafo and Russ. 

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I love the fact that you just decided to sing songs that you knew, regardless of what was being played. I also love the fact that I’m not the only one who gets dense around the opposite sex.


What Snooze said.


If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s pissing off teenage girls. And I’m at the age where I can still do it and not be considered a pedophile.

Much unlike yourself, sir.


Every time I hear What’s Up I think of being drunk and shouting at the top of my lungs “WHAT”S GOING ON??” And getting yelled at by the bartender. Good stuff man.

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