Who you should be reading…

I read.

A lot.

I take the metro into work, so I am able to get in at least an hour of reading a day. On weekends, when I have nothing to do (which happens a lot), I trek over to “my” coffee shop and put in another couple hours reading.

So, here’s a list of authors I’ve been reading and you should be reading these guys, too.

Brian Keene — the man who claims he will single handedly bring back the mullet. Aside from that fuckeduppedness, you should read his book The Rising. After that kicks your ass from West Virginia to Pennsylvania, read anything else of his you can get your hands on.

Joe Lansdale — I first heard of this cat when I bought the movie Bubba Hotep. He wrote the short story it was based on. I picked up Three Bear Mambo and I have been hooked on his style ever since. Start with The Bottoms, which is a great coming of age tale with a dark side. Then read Sunset. If you like those, take a look at the Hap and Leonard series. Good stuff all around. Lansdale is East Texas crack.

Matthew Warner — With one novel under his belt, you know Warner is going places. The Organ Donor is a great tale with Chinese myth mixed with topics of today. Can’t wait until Warner comes out with more work.

JF Gonzales — You want the shit kicked out of you? Read Maternal Instinct. Brutal, demoralizing, depressing and ass-kicking. Don’t think that beat down was enough? Have Gonzales go nuclear on your ass when you read its extended version Survivor. I’m surprised I can still walk.

Tim Lebbon — Just started reading this guys work. Start with White and Other Tales of Ruin.

Richard Laymon — Good luck. He doesn’t care who he kills and why he kills them. Read anything by him.

Jack Ketchum — Oh man, this guy treats his characters as bad a Laymon. And that’s what makes him good.


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