It’s all about the people you are with…

I left San Diego on Tuesday and flew up to Sacramento, where I was met at the airport by my buddy, Fred.

Fred runs the site I write reviews for, HorrorTalk, and I’ve known him (along with his daughter, Krystal) for about five years.  He’s come down my way a few times for the yearly HorrorFind convention and has been to my house a couple years back for a bbq, but I’ve never had the opportunity to check out his digs.

But, like my buddy Mykl, when I told Fred I was coming out, he graciously offered me a place to stay, and I couldn’t refuse.

Like in San Diego, I had a blast hanging out with Fred and Krystal.  Granted, I spent a lot more time with Fred than Krystal and her fiance, Daniel, but it was good times regardless.  And Krystal has a completely different sleep schedule than mine.  Fred jokes that she’s a vampire, and I now believe him.  I should have checked for reflection in the mirror.  Part of me is a bit jealous, though, as I am a night person, but my job does not allow me to stay up all night like it used too.

Anyways, once again, it’s all about the people you are with and not so much where you are at that determines the time you have.

No sunburn Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, as I spent most of the time indoors giving my skin a break and talking shit with my friends.

Some pics from Sacramento…

This first one is a pic outside of Carvers, a hoitytoity restaurant Fred took me to.  I had some ribs that literally fell of the bone.  You could eat them with a fork.


The next day we had lunch at Fats.  An awesome Chinese joint just across the street from Carvers.  I just dug that entrance.


And the last two are from the night I was leaving.  The first is Krystal and I, and the second is Fred and I right before I met my buddy, Steve, at the airport where we going to drive from Sacramento to Pismo Beach.  That tale comes later.

sac3.jpg sac4.jpg

A big thanks goes out to Fred and Krystal for putting up with me for three days.