Sorry, we’re all booked up…

Thursday night had me back at the Sacramento airport where I was meeting up with my friend, Steve, for the ride to Pismo Beach (where were attending a wedding on Friday).

The plan was to stay in Sacramento on Thursday, then drive to Pismo Beach Friday morning, with hopefully a quick stop in San Francisco time permitted.

Well, Steve informed me when we looked at the map that San Fran was going to be out of the question, as Pismo Beach was further than expected.

No worries, really.  I wanted to see San Fran, but I had been having such a good time, one little change in plans wasn't going to ruin it.

We picked up the rental car without incident (we were originally going to get a convertable, but the price difference between a convertable and a non-convertable for three days was about 300 bucks.  I figured I didn't need a convertable) and headed for the hotel, which was about 40 minutes away, but we found it with no problems.   Steve had brought along a Verizon mobile card for the trip.  I was surfing the net as we were driving.  Pretty damn cool.

Well, we arrive at the hotel and check in.  The guy says, "that's one room, king, right?"

"What?" I ask.  "Wait, it's a king size bed?  Two of them, right?"

The guy laughed.  "No, one king."

"No.  No.  No.  You have two doubles?"

"Sorry, we're all booked up."

I looked at Steve.  He made all the arrangements.  "I was in a hurry.  Sorry."

The Marriott employee said, "I can give you extra pillows, if you want."

"Yeah," I said, "I'm going to need them."

The guy gave me about four pillows, which I used to put a wall in the middle of the bed.  I ended up sleeping in the bathroom, anyway, because Steve snored so damn loud.

The next morning, Friday, we headed for the wedding.  We got on the road about 11:00, and got to our hotel in Pismo Beach at 5:00.  We quickly changed into our suits and drove to the ceremony.  More on that later, but here's some pics of the drive.

drive2.jpg drive1.jpg drive3.jpg drive4.jpg

For the most part, we saw mountains.  We didn't see water until right before we rolled into Pismo, but the drive was amazing and one of the reasons why I headed out to California in the first place.