Bling-bling with a pinky ring…

I got out of work early the other day because of the holidays and decided to hit my coffee shop for an eggnog latte and some reading time. After a peacful hour of reading and drinking it was time to leave (the only beef I have with that damn coffee shop is they close at 6).

As I was heading towards my truck these two kids came out of the woodwork and were apparently heading for their cars, as well. And they were hard.

You could tell these cats were cool. One was wearing a big jacket with the fur-lined hood and a big winter hat that he wore just on top of his forehead. The other gangsta was wearing a big puffy jacket and a white hat, capped to the side, so you know he was keeping it real.

As I am always looking for ways to stay cool, once I got to my truck, I grabbed my notebook I always keep handy so I could quickly write down the clothes they were wearing and, if I was lucky, to get a glimpse of the car they were driving. Laugh if you want, but these guys were hard core gangstas and sometimes just listening to Ice Cube doesn’t automatically let you in their club.

My luck only got better when they were joined by two more playas in the parking lot, wearing similar attire.

So I played it on the downlow and pretended to check my phone messages – hoping, no praying, I could get a glimps of their pimp mobile. And I did.

A Dodge caravan.

Yeah baby, true hipness. A minivan.

Now I have had my eye on a BMW Z4 for a while now and I used to always consider it a vehicle the fly honeys would like. But it is obvious I have to reconsider my options.

As they piled into the sweetness that is the minivan, I wondered to myself if I could be as cool as them if I bought an Aerostar.

God, I hope I can.

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