Sure, coffee was $4 a cup…

Wow, I've been busy as hell, and I have yet to knock out this Cali trip.  Blame Ace.  I got the idea from him when he went to Hawaii.

Saturday, my second to last day in California, Steve and I checked out of the hotel about 9:30 or so, and hit the beach before we rolled out.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a very populated beach, but we were hanging out with a couple of our friends from other offices, so it was still a fun time.

We grabbed some grub and hit the 101 about 11:00 for our journey to L.A.  Actually, we were heading to just south of L.A., but that's irrelevant.

Driving the 101/Pacific Coast Highway was something that has been on my "list" forever, and it did not let down.  The entire drive took about 6 hours (stopping at about every exit to grab some photos), and it seemed to fly.  I'm not only glad I did it, if given the chance, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  There's something insanely amazing by seeing mountains on both sides one minute, then the Pacific ocean exploding into view, right beside you, the next.  An awesome, awesome road trip.

Steve wanted to go to a particular phone store before we hit the hotel (and before the phone store closed) because they had some stellar deals on cellphones, and I was completely cool with that.  I'd seen, and done, everything I had accomplished to, and if he needed to get some stuff done, who was I to stop him.

While we were outside the phone store,  Steve mentioned that there was a bikini coffee shop somewhere around the area, but he didn't know where it was.  I went inside and asked.  Steve laughed at the fact that I had no shame asking where it was.  I said I had priorities.   It so happened that the place we were looking for was in the same shopping plaza as where we were going to eat, so that worked out perfectly.

Oh, did I mention I was in an area called "Little Saigon?"  According to Steve, Little Saigon has a higher population of Vietnamese than the Vietnames population in Maryland, DC and Virginia.  Combined.  Little Saigon my ass.  With all those Asian women I was seeing, I dubbed it Big Heaven.

We decided to hit the coffee shop first.  

Oh.  My.  God.

"Bikini Coffee Shop" is a misnomer.  It should be called "Sexy Lingerie Coffee Shop."  

We went in.  We sat down.  And we were served.  By Asian women in lingerie.  Dear Lord.  By the time we left, my eyes were hurting.  Sure, coffee was $4 a cup.  But well worth it, if you ask me.  A bargain, even.   I don't go to strip clubs, but if there were one of these coffee shops around my way, I do believe I'd have a new favorite place for java.

Unfortunately, there was a "no picture" policy at that place.


After we left the coffee shop, we ate, then hit the hotel where it was a pleasent surprise to find that the room had two beds.

I checked some email, checked the site, and went to bed.  Woke up at 9, hit the airport, got on my flight, told the girl who asked that, no, I don't care how hot you are, I'm not swapping seats with your boyfriend because there's no way in hell I am sitting in a middle seat for five hours, got home and went to bed.


Still at Pismo Beach.


Even the rest stop was scenic!


Some picture turnoff exit thingy.


Those there are cliffs.  Or something.  Yes, I'm a tourist when it comes to pictures.  No shame.


Some other turnoff picture taking thingy.  I think my eyes still hurt from the coffee shop. 

And that was my trip to California.

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So it looks like you didn’t pick up any sun in Cali, hmm?

Bikini Coffee shop sounds interesting. Like the 4th of July, your first handjob, and a trip to a coffee shop all in one! I kind of wish there were some kind of male equivalent, but I don’t know what that would be — maybe shirtless men in tight pants who were also really good listeners serving coffee? Sounds like a haven for fags & hags.

Glad you had fun!

Greg the Surly

You have much more will power than I. I don’t believe I would have left. Ever. No, Not Cali. The Coffee Shop.


Well it certainly sounds like you had a lot of fun…& coffee!! :rimshot:

Glad it was all good 🙂


I like your tourist shot. As for the coffee shop, I hope you tipped well.


When I drove the highway part of it was closed to we had to go inland a bit. We went thru agriculture country and it was beautiful too.