Then the bottom dropped out…

For my past birthday, a friend of mine bought me a stellar Tivoli radio. This is, hands down, one of the best radios I’ve ever had because its reception is so damn good. It uses super smart technology to get the best reception available and, believe me, it does. All without the use of an antenna.

Since I put it next to my bed, the thing never goes off, and about once a month I screw around with it to change up the radio station. Two months ago it was soul, last month it was some spanish station and this month… Well, let’s talk about that.

About two weeks ago, I was hunting around for a new station, when I stopped on a song by The Cars. I dig them, so I let it go. After The Cars, they played U2. Then some Police, Def Leppard and Queen.

Okay, I thought, I can dig this. So I let it go for a couple days. And I quickly started digging this station. It seemed, with a few exceptions, every song they played I liked. Hell, one night I heard The Pretenders followed by Peter Gabriel. I was loving it.

Then the bottom dropped out.

One night, as I was drifting off to sleep listening to this new found favorite station, I heard something that bolted me awake. Their call letters.

(Que announcer guy voice here)

94.7 The Capital. Your home for classic rock.”

Classic rock?!?!?

What the hell?


I suddenly realized I was listening to a classic rock station that wasn’t playing The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

And, even though I cried myself to sleep that night, I still listen to 94.7. My home for classic rock.

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Welcome to my world. I was the guy that would fight at the drop of the hat to fix the wrongs of the world.. or if they just pissed me off. pay the bills when the shut off notice came, with now caare in the world. Now, I am a father,a husband and a a good provider. time marches on… and I have have hit the fast lane with my daughter being born. so what were old. get over it !!! haha


congratulations, you’re officially middle aged. 😉


Which Def Leppard did they play? Was it “Love Bites”? And did you cry like a little bitch? 😆


At least it’s not “oldies.”



And I saw the Breakfast Club listed as a classic movie. Sigh.


I hope I have a few years before disturbed and system of a down show up on the classics station.


Classic Rock is still Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones to me.

Dorothy Gale

Okay, #1 Def Leppard is Classic Rock, at least it is to you. Uh HELLOoooo you did go see them in concert like 20 years ago. What does that say ? Duh. #2 You cry yourself to sleep because you are still struggling with the fact that you can’t possibly be related to your family and #3. Please don’t air my first precious gift from above’s name on your “it’s all about me, take this opportunity to bitch site. “

Dorothy Gale

Oh and by the way, I will now go through this whole site and search for every hateful lie you have told about our family. I feel I can no longer sit by like some Howard Stern sister that has no voice. I will speak the truth because you are tearing this family apart with your lies. First though, I will drink a can of beer to calm my nerves and I need to color my hair.


Scrapple, I never thought I’d see you as the family man you are. And you’ve welcomed it well. GG, stop. I AM YOUNG! Don’t let the gray fool you. Lesley. I hate you. And it was Pour Some Sugar On Me. If it were Love Bites, I would have had my lighter at the ready. Ace, good point. Snooze, Breakfast Club was a classic when it came out. 🙂 Real, yeah. I can’t imagine Disturbed on Classic rock. But then again, I didn’t ever expect to hear Def Leppard, either. aric, but you are old. And, ladies and gentlemen, please… Read more »


Welcome Dorothy! I don’t let any of my family members know about my blog.


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[…] 17. Before I go to sleep at night… – i read. and listen to classic rock. […]