You have to sing that, you know…

I went to my aunt and uncle’s house this past weekend and had a grand time, as usual.

However, while there are stories to tell about the trip (including me getting my “Uncle of the Year” award revoked), I wanted to quickly jot down something very cool I heard on the way home.

I have XM radio, and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Everytime I go on a long trip, I am thankful for this excellent piece of technology. I often hear non-owners of XM (or Sirius, depending on your preference) say that it’s a waste of money. Radio is free! Why should they pay for it?

Odds are, these same people pay for cable tv. (Ironically enough, I know a guy that doesn’t have cable TV, but has XM radio).

One of the best things about satellite radio, no matter which one you have, is commercial free music. Not only commercial free, but very light DJing. Hell, why do you need a DJ when the song title and artist comes on your display?

Another great thing about satellite radio is you never have to change the station. I drove hundreds of miles last weekend and I had the option of listening to the same station in Pennsylvania as I did in Maryland. The only time I went to terrestrial radio was to listen to the Redskins not show up to a game they should have won.

I could go on and on about XM, but I’m going away from the point.

As we were driving home Sunday, I put on channel 08. That is the 80s channel (not the classic rock channel, thank God). Imagine my surprise to hear America’s Top 40 with Kasey Kasem. The year? 1984.

Holy shit.

Apparently, on Sundays, 80s on 8 plays reruns of Kasey Kasem’s America’s Top 40. I was reliving a whole slew of memories on the way home. When I was growing up, I always listened to Americassssssssss top fooorrrrrrtiiessssssssss!

You have to sing that, you know. You just can’t say it.

I might take me a drive this Sunday.

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Yes, you do have to sing it. You also have to sing “Casey’s coast to coast!!!!!!”

And what the hell do you mean the Skins should have won? That game was fucking awesome. GO GIANTS GO!


Dude, if you had Sirius you would NEVER have had to go to regular radio!

(and I can’t listen to Casey’s top 40 anymore now that I heard his freak-out rant on Stern where he curses out his producers–wow, really changes your perception of him)


Kiss my ass, Lesley. 😡

aric, Sirius doesn’t have O&A, though. Ug. I can’t believe anyone still listens to Stern. He has the same schtick since 1982. Let me guess, he talked to a stripper today.


That does sound like a good thing to have for road trips. But maybe I should get a car first. When I used to travel a lot, I listened to CBC nonstop (Canada’s NPR)

Dorothy Gale

Oh Stewie, Stewie , … Stewie. So young and innocent. While you were listening to America’s Top Foooorty and their Long Distance Dedication, on the radio, in the car with Nancy, explaining how she loves you, but doesn’t necessarily like you, or your sister for that matter… I was listening to ewwwwwww Two for Tuesday on DC101. Led Zeppelin. Oh and I lost my virginity that day.


Kiss my ass, Lesley. 😡


Freak Magnet

I was just thinking about America’s Top Forty the other day.

And I didn’t know how much I love my XM until I didn’t have it for a couple of days and had to listen to regular radio.


I never recovered from learning Casey Kasem was the voice of Shaggy.

And I barely listen to the radio anymore, thanks to the wonder that is my iPod. Even if I am reduced to putting one earbud in while I drive until I get around to buying a (crappy) FM transmitter now that I’m sans CD player.


Wow, how you can cut down Stern and then say you like listening to his copycats–weird.

But hey, with XM at least you get baseball!

We poor Sirius people have to put up with the NFL.


Wow, how you can cut down Stern and then say you like listening to his copycats–weird.


You tell ’em, Fred! :thumbsup:

Hoo Hoo

Hoo Hoo! Rob bin.

Uh, I invented talking on the radio. Yeah, that was my thing. Hoo hoo.

Tell ’em, Fred. Hoo hoo.

There wouldn’t be any radio without me. Hoo hoo.

Aric, do me a favor and eat a bullet. Hoo hoo.

I invented blogging. Hoo hoo.


Dude, if you think edgy radio existed before Stern you’re wrong. And there are people doing edgy now that AREN’T copying Stern. Andy and Opie just ain’t two of them.

But your well thought-out argument is starting to sway me.



Yes. Howard invented edgy radio. He also invented the radio. Hell, we wouldn’t have sound without Howie. 😆

Hoo Hoo

Ok, so Aric. Enlighten us all on how they are copying Stern.

Please, I have yet to hear a Stern Zombie ever actually back up that statement with anything.

Black Hole in the Dunk Tank