Talk about creepy beautiful…

“Stewie, my friend is down from New York and he wants to check out this abandoned mental hospital.”

That was what my friend, Zig, said to me.

“Oh yeah? Where’s it at?” I asked.

“Six miles from my house.”


That’s where I went Sunday afternoon. To an abandoned mental hospital. With camera in hand.

Always a good sign.
Yeah. Nothing to see here. Move along.

One of the buildings. Another building.
A couple of the buildings on the grounds.

A busted up door. No exit.  We are fucked. Outside door.
It seemed every single door in the joint, be it inside or out, was a doorway to hell.

Walkway to Hell Go to the light, Carol-Ann!
These two shots were from the same spot. Just opposite directions. If this were a choose your own adventure book, you were screwed no matter what.

Water Tower.
Even the water tower was hopeless.

Talk about creepy beautiful.