I’m lazying it up today…

Aric started it, then Freak and Ace did it.

I’m lazying it up today, so here you go.

Finish the sentences:

1. I’ve come to realize that my family…
– is nuts. period. and this isn’t something I’ve “come to realize.” this is something I’ve always known. And mom or joy, if you comment with something that’s not positive about me, your comment will be deleted and your IP will be banned — meaning, you will not be allowed to comment again.

2. I am listening to…
– Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” from Musique Vol. 1.

3. I talk…
– and people hang on my every word.

4. I love…
– me. I really do.

5. My best friend…
– Jafo. If he was a female, I’d sex him.

6. My first kiss was…
– probably some chick in grade school. and probably either Missy or Dianna. Or both.

7. I lost my virginity…
– and it rocked.

8. I hate it when people…
– don’t say what they mean, then get mad at you for not reading between the lines. this is a female thing. and it’s my biggest pet peeve i have with women.

9. Love is…
– an ideal. i think i might be a pessimist on this one.

10. Marriage is…
– actually something i want to do.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking…
– about killing someone.

12. I’ll always…
– be thankful for the changes in my life from 23 – 33.

13. I have a secret crush on…
– this chick i see in the hallways at work. smoking hot. and it’s not a crush. i just really, really want to have sex with her.

14. The last time I cried was because…
– yeah. no answer on this one.

15. My cell phone…
– is very rarely used by me. other than an alarm clock. i’m not a phone person.

16. When I wake up in the morning…
– i silently curse morning people. and by “curse,” i mean “wish death on.”

17. Before I go to sleep at night…
– i read. and listen to classic rock.

18. Right now I am thinking about…
– why i bothered to start this.

19. Babies are…
– bound to grow up to be assholes.

20. I get on myspace….
– daily

21. Today I…
– worked.

22. Tonight I will…
– clean my room. maybe do a better blog entry.

23. Tomorrow I will…
– go to get my truck veip’d and have its oil changed. then maybe a book sale. then definitely the coffee shop.

24. I really want…
– i don’t know. i’m happy. not much wants. a 360 would be nice. my basement finished would be nicer. yeah. a 360, a finished basement and new carpet throughout the house. the real thick kind. you know, the kind that feels kick ass between your toes.

25. The person who most likely to repost this is…
– no idea.

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– I’m shocked to read you would wish death on me
– what does veip’d mean?
– what is a 360?
– as for #8, try dating men for a while (yes, I know it’s not your orientation, but you’d be amazed how unclear guys can be)

Your answers are great, but especially the one to #4.


😆 If you are that person who is super chippy and force your chipperness on others in the morning, YOU GET FLOGGED! If you keep to yourself in the morning, everything is hunkydory. VEIP is a vehicle emissions test my state requires like every three years. What gets me is they are the ones requiring it, but I’m the on who has to pay for it. 😡 360 = Xbox Women think guys are unclear becuase we don’t get it. And I won’t argue that at all. We are simple because, with each other, we are straight forward. We don’t… Read more »

Freak Magnet

5 – Jafo said you try to sex him anyway.

12 – You should listen to Ozzy Osbourne & Motorhead’s “Ain’t No Nice Guy”. I think of you and Blonde whenever I hear it.


Yeah, right, you inadvertently deleted my comment. You just didn’t want all of your friends to read my comments because I am old.

Listen you Jackass, if you want the big bucks for Christmas, like all of the other years, you better watch your mouth.

Oh, and as for #11, like your idol, OJ Simpson.




OJ Simpson is an innocent man. A jury said so. :shake:


Thank you for explaining the terms I didn’t know. for the record, I have never understood the concept of withholding sex either. If a guy upsets me enough I usually just mention, “Keep this up and I’m not going to have sex with *you*”

dorothy gale

Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus. This is so very tempting. I have to choose my words carefully after reading #1 for a 2nd time even though you say that you wish females would just say what is really on their mind. Hmmm nope, I guess I can’t comment. I will say though, I agree with you completly on #8.with the addition of don’t say what they mean or at least to your face.


Okay, wtf?

“I’ve come to realize that my family…
– is nuts. period. and this isn’t something I’ve “come to realize.” this is something I’ve always known.

Uh…the question is “I’ve come to realize”–you answer and then say, well, I haven’t just realized it. IT’S FILL IN THE BLANK–YOU CAN’T FILL IN THE BLANK AND THEN SAY, “THAT WASN’T REALLY MY ANSWER”.

Poser! 🙂