I gotta strip down…

Well, the roomie (or, rather, former roomie) is just about out. Officially, Nicki has moved out. She did that last weekend.

It’s almost an odd feeling. I say almost since she still has a few things left over to pick up and I can’t fully appreciate the freedom until I get the key back. I know Nicki won’t pop in unexpectedly — hell, I’m sure of that — but, in my mind, the move won’t be fully complete until she says, “Hey, I’m done, here’s the key.”

That’s right. I said appreciate the freedom. I’ve been wanting to live alone for a while now, and I’m this *holding thumb and pointer finger really close apart* close from being roomateless. Nicki was a great roommate, and I have no complaints of her at all, but I just need, really need, to live alone. And I’m sure the same applies to her.

This is going to be the first time I’ve lived completely alone. Ever since I’ve moved out from the folk’s house, I’ve either lived with a girlfriend or roommates or both. I’m looking forward to living alone for at least a little while before I get married. Not that I’m dating. But I will not live with another woman I’m dating again. I’ve done that twice and will not do it again thank you very much.

I gotta go, now.

I gotta strip down and run around the house naked.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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I haven’t had a roommate in over 10 years (apart from my ex for two of those years). Enjoy the freedom to be noisy and naked. I do miss the companionship of a roommate though.


I can’t live alone because I get scared. Especially after watching that episode of the Brady Bunch when the kids try to convince potential home buyers that the house is haunted. That one totally freaks me out!

Whatever you do, don’t turn her old room into an “office” because that’s totally lame. Make it a bondage room or something instead.

the lesley

Happy Kwanzaa and a Merry New Year!

Enjoy the Naked Alone Time!

Freak Magnet

I would have left the key the last time I was there, but you weren’t home, and I wouldn’t have been able to lock the deadbolt. And if the house got broken into, you would have sworn up and down *I* took your shit. once you get the key back, you won’t have anyone to blame for anything. How’s that make you feel, huh? HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?!?!?


You gotta live with them first before you marry ’em–test them out. It would be like buying a car without test driving it. You don’t find out what’s wrong ahead of time, and you’re in for some rude surprises!


Well… I guess you won’t let ME move in then. :hitit:


You should turn her old bedroom into a cat playpen with hundreds of little kitties.

Then blow the room up.


Snooze, I think we have lived opposite lives. Cause I can see your point if I hadn’t had roomies for 10 years. Ron, what about the one where Marsha and Greg were fighting over the attic and that ghost came out of the chest? “Let me ouuuuuttttttt. I can’t breaaaatttttthhhhh in hereeeeeeeeeee.” Gives me chills everytime. Lesley, thanks! Freak, then you would need to make sure I was home when you got the rest of your stuff. I’M A BUSY MAN I LEAD A ROCK STAR LIFE! Aric, no way. Did that twice. Not bothering with it again. Norman, nope.… Read more »


Okay–because it didn’t work twice, you’re saying you’d rather just blindly try to get along, then get married, THEN find out you can’t live with them. Makes total sense.

Hope you get a prenup.


What time should I arrive for naked time?? 😉


aric, it does make sense. people are more likely to try to work things out when they are married than when they are not. And, really, there’s no reason to live with someone before you are married. The “test drive” thing is silly. If you are going to get along with someone, you are going to get along with them regardless. I, personally, will not do it again. It’s not worth my time.

Melinda, nevermind, you can live with me. 😆