There seemed to be a lot more headstones than before…

When I was a young buck, I was in the boy scouts. Go on, laugh and make your jokes, I’ll wait.


Anyway, I distinctly remember my first camping trip with the scouts. My first night roughing it. Living off the land, being one with nature.

That’s how I thought it would be, anyway.

But what happened was a little bit different.

My parents dropped me off at the meeting place, a local church, early in the morning. The game plan was we were going to do some cleanup on the church property, then we were going to set up camp and be manly men.

We started off cleaning up the inside of the church. Dusting, sweeping, mopping it down. Then we moved onto the church grounds where we scoured the parking lot looking for nails and glass and picking up any debris or trash. Finally, we moved onto the cemetery, that resided on the church property, and made sure the headstones and surrounding areas were free from debris, and the old flowers were disposed of.

As morning moved to evening, I began to wonder when we were going to leave to go to the campsite. As I saw no one hurrying to get things rolling, I went to my scoutmaster.

“When do we go to the campsite?” I asked, eager to use my new camping supplies purchased for this big event.

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t we camping out tonight?” I asked. I hoped I didn’t screw up. I had looked forward to this all week.

“We sure are.”

“Well, when do we go to the campsite?”

“We’re already here.”

I looked around the graveyard. There seemed to be a lot more headstones than before.


“Yeah, why?” He asked.

“But this is a graveyard.”

“We aren’t camping in the graveyard.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Where are we camping?”

“Over there.” He pointed to a clearing. 10 feet out of the graveyard. “You aren’t scared, are you?”

“No.” I was.

About an hour after our conversation, we set up camp.

About an hour after we set up camp, I called my mother to come pick me up.

Screw camping out in a cemetery.

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Greg the Surly

I think I would have been more scared camping near a priest, than a graveyard.



Excellent point.


What sort of insane Scout leader did you have? I guess you missed out on that merit badge. Still, it gave you a great tale to tell.


Scouting got old fast.

Too much work and I hated my fellow scouters.

Stewie's Mother

What in the hell are you talking about?????




Is that even legal!?

I’m really not joking.

Aren’t cemeteries like power plants? You can stop by and look but you can’t sleep there!


Alright already. It is obvious that you have a form of OCD as you are so fixated on cemetaries.

Your dad refreshed my memory. I thought you were talking about the one in VA that I dropped you off at in the middle of the night.


Guess where we went to yesterday??? Potomac Mills and then on to Dumfries. Your niece and I took a stroll through your favorite place, the CEMETARY!!! :yahoobig:

Found Johnny Davis’ grave, 12/07/43-11/01/94. 🙁


Yep, Big John, died when he was only 51. Lots of very interesting tombstones at that cemetary.

I almost cried when we went past Dumfries Elementary when I thought of my sweet little boy who was so gifted.