If the guy who wrote it was still alive, he’d deserve a punch in the face…

Well it took a couple of weeks, but tonight I put just about the last of my dvds in a database. I have a few more left, maybe 20 or so, but considering how many I own, I might as well be done.

Hands down, the best thing about this project was I touched every DVD I own. I had to put the UPC of each DVD into the database, so it was nice to see what movies I have (and I have more than a few). Surprisingly, I only have three doubles. Somehow along the way, I bought two copies of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (with Donald Sutherland) and two copies of Cabin Fever. I also have three copies of The Devil’s Advocate, but, believe it or not, that was intentional. All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised that I had so few doubles.

What I wasn’t pleasantly surprised about was how many were still in shrinkwrap or, even worse, I haven’t even watched. That’s a damn shame. But, fortunately, not only have I curbed my DVD purchase over the past few months, the program I am using has a feature that keeps track of what you watch, in addition to what you own. Believe it or not, that motivates me a little to get that “Watched” column filled up.

Tonight, I watched Rent.

Funny thing about Rent: The first time I saw the play, I liked it. But each time I saw it after that first time, I liked it a little less. By the fourth time or so, I decided I hated the characters because they were useless to society. Well not so much useless, but moreso a bunch of crying crybabies.

(Side note: Why did I see it so many times, you ask? Because the old roomie liked it, and every time she went, I went, too. I knew how much she liked it, and there was no reason for her to go alone. Also, dare I say it, I like some of the songs. Shut up.)

Moving on, I just couldn’t take the characters pissing and moaning how no one cared about them and they should live rent free and the man is bad and blah blah blah. Get a fucking job, losers. Contribute to society like the rest of us. Ug. If the guy who wrote it was still alive, he’d deserve a punch in the face for being such a Warren Whiner.

So why did I buy the DVD if I hated it so much? Two reasons: It was 5 bucks and I wanted to see if I still hated the characters.

After watching it tonight, I found I still hated the characters. Losers.

But I’ll watch it again because that damn Rosario Dawson is a hottie hot hottie.

And I would certainly light her candle.

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Freak Magnet

I only go because I like the dancin’ and the singin’. I’d go to more plays if they were like that. That and you and so and so asking each other to light your candle. That always warmed my heart. *sniff*


Dude if you want some Rosario isn’t Clerks II and Sin City much better options?

I mean have you seen the dance scene in C2?

Me and LG watched it on my laptop (she got it for me for Christmas) over New Years and we were barely able to watch the whole movie in one sitting – in a good way.


Can I have your extra copy of Cabin Fever? I never saw the end when I taped it.

And why DID you buy three copies of the Devil’s Advocate? It isn’t THAT good.


I haven’t seen Rent. I would love to see the stage play. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the movie version. btw – that’s neat that you have a database of all your movies. Half of mine are still on VHS.


Never saw rent, DVD or play, but would like to. I like Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order), and agree about Rosario Dawson 😉

I was also on the DVD thrill ride when Amazon first started selling them. Now when I look at my collection, at least 1/3 still in shrinkwrap, I realize that I should watch what I have, and buy only when I want to watch.

BTW, what’s the link to the DVD database? I want to check it out, too.

the lesley

ZOMG! Was “Rent” an Oprah pick?!!?!?!?!!!!

For the record, I would light Rosario’s candle too. And I’m pretty sure that Real would be cool with that, as long as I let him watch or something.

Greg the Surly

Are spending your weekends to the Tom Cruise thing to Rent? Honest, I’d never do coke, I just like the way it smells.

Congrats, on the database. I was gonna do that with my porn collection years ago, Instead I just called it the internet. Maybe you’ve seen my collection?

Greg the Surly

How sad of me. you even have double post protection. Any bit of funny I might have had is just gone now.
Soylent Green is People!

the black ninja with white underwear

Rosario Dawson does this crazy floppy titty flailing thing in Alexander. Not sure I am willing to witness Farrell cock in trade for Dawson hoo-hoos.

I guess that’s why I found the animated gif.

For some reason, she doesn’t do it for me though. I have a strange taste in women, I know. My current favorite is a porno slore named Ricki White.