If the guy who wrote it was still alive, he’d deserve a punch in the face…

Well it took a couple of weeks, but tonight I put just about the last of my dvds in a database. I have a few more left, maybe 20 or so, but considering how many I own, I might as well be done.

Hands down, the best thing about this project was I touched every DVD I own. I had to put the UPC of each DVD into the database, so it was nice to see what movies I have (and I have more than a few). Surprisingly, I only have three doubles. Somehow along the way, I bought two copies of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (with Donald Sutherland) and two copies of Cabin Fever. I also have three copies of The Devil’s Advocate, but, believe it or not, that was intentional. All things considered, I was pleasantly surprised that I had so few doubles.

What I wasn’t pleasantly surprised about was how many were still in shrinkwrap or, even worse, I haven’t even watched. That’s a damn shame. But, fortunately, not only have I curbed my DVD purchase over the past few months, the program I am using has a feature that keeps track of what you watch, in addition to what you own. Believe it or not, that motivates me a little to get that “Watched” column filled up.

Tonight, I watched Rent.

Funny thing about Rent: The first time I saw the play, I liked it. But each time I saw it after that first time, I liked it a little less. By the fourth time or so, I decided I hated the characters because they were useless to society. Well not so much useless, but moreso a bunch of crying crybabies.

(Side note: Why did I see it so many times, you ask? Because the old roomie liked it, and every time she went, I went, too. I knew how much she liked it, and there was no reason for her to go alone. Also, dare I say it, I like some of the songs. Shut up.)

Moving on, I just couldn’t take the characters pissing and moaning how no one cared about them and they should live rent free and the man is bad and blah blah blah. Get a fucking job, losers. Contribute to society like the rest of us. Ug. If the guy who wrote it was still alive, he’d deserve a punch in the face for being such a Warren Whiner.

So why did I buy the DVD if I hated it so much? Two reasons: It was 5 bucks and I wanted to see if I still hated the characters.

After watching it tonight, I found I still hated the characters. Losers.

But I’ll watch it again because that damn Rosario Dawson is a hottie hot hottie.

And I would certainly light her candle.