2007 is off to a helluva start…

I’ve mentioned a few times, here and there, a movie I worked on called Dead Hunt. The trailer went up on YouTube recently.

It’s a Timewarp production (directed by Joe Ripple and produced by the late — and great — Don Dohler), written by my buddy, Ace, and starring some really, really great people. Gotta give props to my buddy, Mitch, as well — he’s doing the effects.

I can’t wait until it’s in Blockbuster. Oh yes. Considering all of Timewarp’s other films can be found in your local video store, I have no doubt this one will be gracing the shelves, as well.

2007 is off to a helluva start.

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Very cool. Congrats and all that. 🙂


Congrats on seeing something you worked on come to fruition!


Now that your famous I’m going to sue you for using the smiley that I made only for Horrortalk’s usage. For shame, sir. For shame. :shake:


Thanks for the plug. We’re hoping to get a deal soon. We’d love to see a company Lion’s Gate pick it up.


I should point out that Sean Quinn did most of the FX for Dead Hunt. I helped a bit, did a handful, but he deserves the credit. I’m still working primarily on Crawler.

Freak Magnet

That is sah-WEET. You should be proud of yourself, and Ace should be over the freakin’ moon.



I put it up on my page, too.


Greg the Surly

Ok, I want to go and get whatever schooling I need to be the guy thats responsible for girls in thongs. Special effects are cool, wardrobe, whatever. I want to be in charge of the asses. (Yes, originally I said I wanted to pick the asses, but no)

Greg the Surly

Seriously though, That kicks ass. You guys kick ass. Congratz


Dude, if Lionsgate will pick up shit like FOC then you’re in! 🙂