Yes, I’m a wordpress fanboi…

I updated the wordpress software over the weekend and, unfortunately for me, my other template is too buggy to use until they update it.

I take it in stride though, as I am a dork and get much glee tweaking templates to my liking. I think I found a template I like (this one, for now) and I’m going to dig into it over the next couple weeks to see if I can make it the way I like it.

As I was updating, and running into flaws with my template, it dawned on me that paying for my site versus using blogger is a lot like owning versus renting.

While I don’t mind updating the software, I have to admit I would much rather have someone do it for me. With blogger, your landlord does all the dirty work. He’ll update your software and get the bugs worked out, all at no cost to you.

With your own domain, you have to update the software and work out the bugs yourself (with a lot of help from google and the people out there creating these great templates).

But, for me, they payoff is worth it — much like home owning. If something goes buggy in blogger, you have to wait until they, the landlords, fix it. And I know everyone who’s uses blogger on a frequent basis has lost a post at least once (autosave on wordpress, baby). When I noticed the issues with my template, I had the option of jumping on it right away and not having to wait. Yep, it’s a little more trouble, but it’s well worth it to me.

Plus, blogger is incredibly limited with their templates. Sure, you can create your own, and I’ve seen some kick ass templates out there on blogger. But, for the most part, unless you know your coding well, you aren’t going to do an incredible amount of changes to your site — either on the outside, or the inside. Even if the templates were equal, the options offered on wordpress are leagues better than what blogger has to offer.

Yeah, I’m a wordpress fanboi. Dammit.

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I think the lack of blogger templates is due to blogger appealing so much to novice users. People who refuse to look at html for fear that they will get sucked into the matrix.

However, there are some people trying some stuff out there.

I don’t think wordpress is as appealing to novice users.

Of course there is always myspace and vox for those people who don’t want to make any decisions for themselves.


I like the new look a lot. But I like red and black as colors, generally.

Ask the guys I played M:TG against in college.

I’ve got enough stress in my life I don’t need to futz with the HTML yet. God knows, I’ll have to learn how to do it for work before I retire. So I’ll stick with my little templates and get a kick out of adding stuff to them like ads and and pictures.

It’s not like I’m freakin’ PostSecret or the Huffington Report. I’ve only got about a dozen readers. They can deal.


Aha… agree… or whatever…

One thing kinda jumps out… At what age one should stop calling himself a “BOY”? 🙂


You speak truth, oh WordPress king.

I find I like owning much better, too.

Where’s the :facts: icon? 😡


Hey Ace, I was a big green guy myself. I spent some time playing green and white or green and blue and sometimes green and black but always big and green (Long live Trample + Rampage). Anyway, I just remembered the thing I was originally commenting about last night but got distracted. Google docs, I can write in there and have most spell check tools going on and I can access my docs form anywhere. I can share them with my Girl so she can read stuff early and stuff in process. Plus I can publish to my blog from… Read more »


For the record, I never lost a google post. And I like having to do nothing, since I already have enough things in my life to do(between blogs and podcasts and my own websites and the flicks) that I don’t have time to work on anything else, even though I know .html.

So I’ll stay blogger until I simply quit…


Real, I hear you, and you are utilizing some good options for blogger. I didn’t realize google docs was part of blogger, now. But, even so, with wordpresses 1000+ plugins, I still don’t think blogger can touch it. Admittedly, many of those plugins may have to be tweaked to work with the new update, but (as you know), that’s the nature of the beast. I can dig people like working with blogger, but, personally, I can’t go back. Blogger has too much down time, imo. It’s certainly not down all the time, but there were plenty of times when I… Read more »


Are you now writing Stewie + WordPress Forevah in a big red heart?


😆 😆 😆