I was doing a little bidding on ebay tonight…

I was doing a little bidding on ebay tonight, and I was checking out some feedback I have left for the sellers.

While I used to leave them myself, I found that I really, really hate the ZOMG A++++++++++ feedbacks. So now I like to include add a little joy to their day.

Left for a book I bought for the old roommate. – The roommate has been banned from paypal, so I had to bid on this for her.

Can’t remember this one, but wrylab is someone I barely know. – wrylab invited me to the journey concert, but i turned him down.

Left for a book by Walter Mosely (Mosely is black, shiki is a friend) – shiki says I’m a racist, but I’m not. i hate shiki, but i love vjbooks!

Left for the movie, The ExorcistThe Exorcist crucifix scene rocks because it reminds me of my friend Lesley. A++

Left for another book (Renaldo is a friend) – Very good transaction! Renaldo is NOT my girlfriend!

Left for another book by an English author. My friend, DJ, is English (I’m a dork) – Awesome transaction. Since Lebbon is English, DJ will have to translate for me.

Left for, you guessed it, a book. Kangas directed Fear of Clowns. Another friend – They should make a better Connelly movie. Kangas should direct.

Left for a stack of Bananas magazines. – NeonManiac is going to want my Farrah Fawcet Bananas, but no way will he get it! (Neon is a friend and, oddly, he ended up with my bananas magazines. 😡 )

Left for a monkey I bought AceGood stuff. The Hitman will now have one more thing for his monkey fetish!

Left for an Anya figure I bought (where she’s dressed like a bunny) – Anya is teh hawt! Anya in cosplay is even more hawt. Cosplay rocks.

Left for a Karen Mok DVD – Awesome DVD. Mok gives me teh hot.

Left for the Almost Famous director’s cut – An excellent transaction. Penny Lane is hot.

I have 5 closed auctions I’m waiting on the goods for. I need to get cracking on who gets blessed with my comments.