I was doing a little bidding on ebay tonight…

I was doing a little bidding on ebay tonight, and I was checking out some feedback I have left for the sellers.

While I used to leave them myself, I found that I really, really hate the ZOMG A++++++++++ feedbacks. So now I like to include add a little joy to their day.

Left for a book I bought for the old roommate. – The roommate has been banned from paypal, so I had to bid on this for her.

Can’t remember this one, but wrylab is someone I barely know. – wrylab invited me to the journey concert, but i turned him down.

Left for a book by Walter Mosely (Mosely is black, shiki is a friend) – shiki says I’m a racist, but I’m not. i hate shiki, but i love vjbooks!

Left for the movie, The ExorcistThe Exorcist crucifix scene rocks because it reminds me of my friend Lesley. A++

Left for another book (Renaldo is a friend) – Very good transaction! Renaldo is NOT my girlfriend!

Left for another book by an English author. My friend, DJ, is English (I’m a dork) – Awesome transaction. Since Lebbon is English, DJ will have to translate for me.

Left for, you guessed it, a book. Kangas directed Fear of Clowns. Another friend – They should make a better Connelly movie. Kangas should direct.

Left for a stack of Bananas magazines. – NeonManiac is going to want my Farrah Fawcet Bananas, but no way will he get it! (Neon is a friend and, oddly, he ended up with my bananas magazines. 😡 )

Left for a monkey I bought AceGood stuff. The Hitman will now have one more thing for his monkey fetish!

Left for an Anya figure I bought (where she’s dressed like a bunny) – Anya is teh hawt! Anya in cosplay is even more hawt. Cosplay rocks.

Left for a Karen Mok DVD – Awesome DVD. Mok gives me teh hot.

Left for the Almost Famous director’s cut – An excellent transaction. Penny Lane is hot.

I have 5 closed auctions I’m waiting on the goods for. I need to get cracking on who gets blessed with my comments.

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😆 Those are the best ever!

Hey, I’m the first to post! :yay:


:hitit: I AM ADDICTED TO EBAY!!!!!! Yep, and I have 5 different IDs that I use for various reasons. One of my Ebay buddies loves the feedback that I give her so much that she shows it to everyone in her family. Your dumbass unfavorite aunt sells Disney pins and when I was on good terms with her, I would email her with really dumb questions like “I would like to bid on this Goofy pin, but can I pick it up at your house to save on the shipping?” She would get so mad at me. I am no… Read more »


Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes. They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses. And what’s with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?


The Exorcist crucifix comments has me in hysterics.



Did you get any responses from the sellers?


Ooh, I got a munkee? Yay! Munkee!

Weird, I just bought something on eBay, and it turned out the guy has the same last name and lives about 10 miles from me.


Ron, that’s because you rock (and you still aren’t my girlfriend!) Mom, no, I will not be buying from you, I bought that sweet ass stuffed animal at a show and I hate large caps. Real, if this were myspace, you’d get kudos. Snooze, I am going to make a special comment for you as soon as I get some merchandise. Mitch, no. Just “Great buyer! A+++”. 😡 Ace, it was that wizard of oz monkey from awhile back. I had bought another one for you for Christmas (some handmade one), but the bitch didn’t send it out. I had… Read more »


Aw… nomunkee. Sniffle.

So sad. 🙁


A better Connelly movie? Jennifer? I’m SO there!


Heh, you added the 😡 icon.


Now you have to tell me how to add them, please.


;;) ;;) ;;) When I asked why you typed in lower case letters, I mean’t at the first word of the sentences.


Did I spell mean’t right? Or is it meant?
:shake: :shake: :shake: :shake:


You’re awesome!