Sounded good to me…

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Carrying on…

Eventually, my girlfriend and I broke up (she actually broke up with me — fair is fair) and she moved out, taking the cat with her.

I was completely cool with that. While the cat no doubt dug both of us, she did all the dirty work with him, so I was in no position to say she couldn’t have him. Honestly, I wouldn’t have, anyway. While I liked the little bastard, I am not a cat person. I can take them or leave them.

A couple months later, the ex called.

“I need a favor.”

“What?” I asked. Last favor she had asked for, I had was such a dick about, she didn’t talk to me for weeks. And when I say I was a dick, I mean that in a good way. It was necessary. But that’s neither here nor there.

“Can you take Mr. Jingles for a while?” Yes, that’s his name. I did not name him. I had no decision in the naming of the cat. That’s fine, though. Of course if it were my cat, I would have named him Brutus or Damien. For what it’s worth, he also answers to Dumb Ass. Because that’s what he is and that’s what I call him.

“Why?” I asked.

“He’s freaking out here. There’s a lot of stray cats running around outside, and he howls at them at night. He’s really stressed out. It will only be until I get a new place.”

“Okie dokie,” I said. I really didn’t want to, but Mr. Jingles wasn’t a huge annoyance to me and I didn’t want him all stressed out if he didn’t have to be.

Keep in mind this exchange happened four years ago. And if I glance to my right, I can see Mr. Jingles sleeping on the futon.

Moving on, not long after I took temporary custody of the cat, the former roomie moved in. With her two cats. Oh joy.

But it worked out pretty good. Nicki took to the cat quick — and vice versa — and picked up the ex’s role in doing all the dirty work. (And if I never thanked you for that, Nicki, I’m a dick. It was much appreciated). I slipped back into my role of petting him if he happened to be around.

Then Nicki said the most wonderful thing. She said, “You know I’m taking him with me when I move out, right?”

Sounded good to me.

(don’t worry, this will wrap up.)