This is only a test…

This is a test.

This is only a test.

For those of you who use firefox and blog, I am testing an extension called “ScribeFire”. 

I don’t remember installing it, but I noticed the icon today and clicked on it, and BAM! the bottom half of my explorer window became a little blog entry form.

So this here is the big test.  I’m not logged into my site, but I’m writing the blog regardless and I will submit it soon.

It looks like I can do about everything through here as I can by using the wordpress dashboard, but this may be a helluva lot more convenient.  The true test is going to see how it will handle pictures (which I’m obviously testing, too).

Here is a picture of my shadow when it was in San Diego:


Okay.  For those of you who plan on using this, and use lightbox, you will have to tweak your photo (and use the API upload option).

I’ll tool with it more and see what I can do.

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That looks cool! I’ll have to try that out. :yay:


It used to be called performancing.
After a recent update it changed its name.


Mitch, it is pretty damn cool, as you don’t have to log into wordpress to do it. You can do it on the fly, and as it only takes up half the page (plus, it’s adjustable), you can still surf.

Real, aaaaahhh maybe that’s why I didn’t recognize it. A different name and all. 😆


Hey, so, can you elaborate a little on this:

“For those of you who plan on using this, and use lightbox, you will have to tweak your photo (and use the API upload option).”



Your hosting site may be different from mine, but when I tried to upload via the ftp option (after filling out the info), it kept failing out on me. But when I used the “Upload via API” option, it worked with no problems.

I should have been a little clearer on that.

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

comment image

I’m not quite sure what API is, I’m still looking into it (for my own knowledge). But it worked, regardless.


Ah, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks, bud.


I feel so left out. I must start improving my technical skills so that I can partake in all these cool tools.

[…] My buddy Stewie, from Incoherent Thoughts, mentioned ScribeFire in his latest post. […]


Snooze, with those technical skills comes great responsibility.

Like celibacy. 😡


That’s weird. I didn’t do that (Tales from the Cellar) comment. Must have been ScribeFire. Sorry. :shake:


Consider youself popped. :yahoobig: