I’m not talking about an uncomforable giggle…

Well, today I discovered reason number 3,234,323,485 why I’m going to hell.

I was checking out Post Secret and I saw a postcard that made me laugh.

I’m not talking about an uncomfortable giggle, I’m talking about a “laugh without thinking about what your laughing at” laugh.

Once I stopped laughing, after realizing what I as laughing at, I read the postcard again.  And laughed again.

So I am posting it so some of you, should you chose, can go to hell with me.

High Dive

I just laughed again.

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Don’t forget to dress for warm weather.


I’ll admit it. I laughed too.

I’m guessing the ex-girlfriend was a super drama-queen. I mean, why else would you have to break up with someone by telling them they could go jump off a bridge? Normal breakups don’t go down that way. I think the postcard writer is better off.

So is hell nice this time of year?


I think most exes should be helped on the journey off the bridge. The direct approach of a hand firmly on the back as the ex teeters on the edge should work, but this psychological method of ‘pushing’ is quite brilliant.

Freak Magnet

You’re gonna burn. Burn, baby, burn.

Stewie's Mother

Well, I don’t think it’s funny. Your dad is the biggest drama queen I know. Should I tell him to jump off the Woodrow Wilson Bridge? Better yet, he can come down to your house and you can drop him off on the Bay Bridge. It’s higher. :shake: :shake: :shake:


I don’t think anyone can jump off the Wilson Bridge. Hasn’t it been under construction for the past century?


This just in: A woman attempting to jump off the Wilson bridge filleted herself when she hit a patch of overhanging debris. Police found her hanging by her colon.

Greg the Surly

I too had to laugh. But then the more I looked at the card, I realized the “and she did” part should really have been written closer to the water. Had they been able to capture a splash…. Priceless


Lesley, your right and besides it does stress me out to drive anywhere near or in DC.

Mitch, yuk. I would OD if I wanted to die.

How did I raise such a jackass? Oh, I have those tiny Stephen King books for you. Your dad will bring them to you and then you can drive him to the bridge.

How come sometimes the smilies are animated and other times they aren’t? 🙁 🙁 🙁

Greg the Surly

Thats just great. your mom broke the freaking smiles. Now how will people know how fucking happy I really am.


Well, Greg, tell us how f___ing happy you are.



Greg the Surly

I’m doing ok. Thanks for asking ;;)


Oh happy b-day! One day late.

I hope it was a great one, and that you stayed away from bridges.


Mom, if dad jumped off the bridge, how would you support your ebay habit? No insurance gets paid on a suicide, you know.

Lesley, they finally finished it last year.

Mitch, ouch.

Greg, yes, yes it would have been priceless.

And thanks for the birthday wishes, all! :yay:


Wait… the Wilson Bridge is done? For realsies? Because I’ve been taking the other beltway, just assuming that the bridge was still a mess. Although now it’s grown on me. I like coming around the bend and seeing the big scary Mormon temple in the distance like Oz.

Oh and btw, here’s a big birthday YOU GO GIRL for you. :thumbsup:

Stewie's Mother

Yes it will pay for suicide if it has been in effect for a long time.


Hey all, I said she jumped; I didn’t say she died.

It was only a footbridge.


You know, the whole “xx Einsteins responding” cracks me up. I drive by Einstein’s house every day on my way to work and this morning I wondered “Is he in there reading Stewie’s blog?”

Greg the Surly

I wanted my Happy Bday to be fashionably late, so hey, Happy Bday.

heh, foot bridge. Nice. add to that a 5 minute scream. Oh yeah. I’d laugh. I wouldnt’ care who was watching.


Tag. You’re it. If you want to be. Go see my blog. Blame Jin.

And damn, that’s gotta suck, Mitch.

Mystery Man

I think my brother wrote that card to get his depressed stalker to stop texting. As funny as it is, I hope she didn’t jump, because I’d have to find a new source of entertainment.

And no jumping off the Wilson. Find something that won’t jack up traffic throughout the city. Some of us need to get to work and don’t care how miserable your life is.