I was really taking a picture of the girl walking by…

About six months ago, or  so, my sister called me.

“Guess what?”  She asked.


“I’m getting married.”

“Cool,” I said.  “Congratulations.”

“I’m getting married in Jamaica.”

“Oh, that’s cool.  You know it’s customary to pay for your brother to be there.”

“Not in this family,” she said.

So I coughed up the coin and went to Jamaica for my sister’s wedding.  Since it was a resort, most of my time was spent drinking at the bar, drinking at the beach or drinking somewhere else on the resort.  All inclusive is always key when planning a vacation.  That said, there won’t be many stories, so here’s some pictures.

First thing I noticed in Jamaica (other than the Jamaica airline SUCKS — more on that later) is that they drive on the wrong side of the road.  I thought they only did that in the UK and Australia.  I won’t hold that against them, though.

We stopped to get gas — actually the cab driver did — and I noticed their gas was very expensive.  Maybe that’s why a lot of people walked instead of drove.

Here’s a picture of a lizard or gecko or whatever and a view from our balcony (the pics from room our my other PC, so those come later).

This is my friend, Matt.  I was really taking a picture of the girl walking by.  But Matt helped out.  Matt’s a team player.

My new brother-inlaw, my pops and me.  Right before the wedding.

While my sister was getting married (on the beach), everyone (on the beach) was watching.  So I took pictures of them.  One guy was filming my sister getting married.  We didn’t know him.  I figured after the wedding, he would give my sister his address or vice versa so he could get her a copy of the tape.  But he didn’t.  He just disappeared.  He was probably a serial killer on vacation just like us.

And last, but not least, a pic of the wedding.  Insert collective “awwww” here.

More pics and why I hate Jamaican airlines and the Jamaican airport later.
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Married in Jamaica is too cool. :thumbsup:


And letting your brother come along to get his money’s worth in rum is good, too! :yay:


California, Jamaica – you do attend weddings in fun places. Did you find a coffee/lingerie cafe in Jamaica as well?


Stewie’s sister is teh cool!


Weddings suck wherever they are. I’d have been in the ocean during it.

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