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This was even funnier LAST MONTH when I posted it in MY BLOG.

Hack. :shake:


I was drunk in Jamaica.

I am not held accountable.

Freak Magnet

Too. fucking. funny.


I’ve seen this posted on a few blogs. I haven’t been able to get through it as I just think, “I would so kick that child off the porch”. Probably just as well I only have cats to look after.


Freak, yes it is.

Snooze, I would watch your cats if you did something like that. And I hate cats. But part of the deal is you’d have to video tape it. 😆

Brik D

I saw that a while back somewhere else, and found it hilarious. I’m just surprised no one from the PC patrol hasn’t tried to create a witch hunt against Will Ferrell for being a part of making a baby say something “foul” and promoting underage drinking.

That being said, I really like Will Ferrell. Yeah, he may be a one trick pony, but it’s a pretty funny trick.