This weekend the niece is coming up…

Wow! I suck at the updates as of late!

So this coming weekend is part two of “kids at Uncle Stewie’s house.” A couple weekends ago, the nephew came up and it was pretty fun. Even explaining why “porch monkey” was a bad thing to call someone, among other things he learned from Kevin Smith, didn’t put a damper on the festivities at all.

This weekend, the niece is coming up to hang out. I don’t really have anything planned, except maybe to watch Jaws. Last time she was up she had expressed an interest in the movie while at the same time all but saying she didn’t want to watch it alone. Since Jaws is such a kick ass movie, I can’t wait to introduce her to it.

Maybe she’ll pick up some new phrases to take home like her brother did.

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Yes, you have sucked at updating recently. Do something about that. *ducks*

This is really cool how you are taking to having your niece and nephew over. It’s also smart because when you start a family of your own, you will have two willing babysitters.


How about my favorite toast:

“Here’s to swimmin’ with bowlegged women!”

I saw Jaws and Jaws 2 back-to-back at a sleepover birthday party when I was 10. I didn’t go swimming for like two years. I still shower quickly.