Yeah, I’ve been busy…

But here’s another Will Farrell video that made me laugh — my dad gave me the heads up on this tonight.

I got to give him and the other guy that made it props. They got a LOT of shit for the first one because of the kid’s language. So they made another one. Admittedly, there’s no profanity in it, but it’s still funny.

Good Cop, Baby Cop

For some reason, the girl reminds me of Isabel, my buddy’s kid. And I can see him getting her to do these things, too.

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Freak Magnet

You’d have a kid just so you can make them do stuff like that, wouldn’t you?

I would.


This is why I’m pro-abortion as opposed to just being pro-choice.


Freak, damn skippy.

Snooze, you are good people. 😆

Stewie's Mother

Well, something I finally agree with you about.

And all of those asses that say it is going to hurt the kid are wrong.


You’re one to talk Stewie’s Mother. We know what you did to him!

Will Ferrell just isn’t funny. :shake: