Monday meme…

Today’s Monday meme is brought to you by HotDudi, over at Happy Vibes, who tagged me with this meme.

Rules: You go to Wikipedia, type in your birthday (month and day) & you list 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and tag 5 friends.

Easy enough, here we go:


1956 – Elvis Presley sings “Heartbreak Hotel” on the Milton Berle Show, with an estimated 25% of the United States population viewing. — I, too, ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

1974 – The Super Outbreak occurs, with 148 tornadoes affecting 13 U.S. states and 1 Canadian province, the biggest tornado outbreak in recorded history. The death toll is 315, with nearly 5,500 injured.

1996 – Suspected “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski is arrested at his Montana cabin.
— The man just wanted to be away from people. I can dig that.


1783 – Washington Irving, American author (d. 1859) — Wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I write this blog, and will one day be a legend. There is something there, I think.

1942 – Wayne Newton, American singer — Haha. Wayne Newton.

1968 – Sebastian Bach, Canadian musician (Skid Row) — My crime is time, and it’s 18 and life to go.


Sizdah be dar (Outdoor thirteen). In Iran, people play jokes on each other on April 3, the thirteenth day of the Persian calendar new year (Norooz). — Fitting.

Since all my interweb friends have been tagged but four, I’m gonna hit:

Ace — cause he digs memes I think.
Fnord — because he only updates when someone dies.
Mitch — because he needs to update.
Aric — because I’m curious to see his answers.

With a bonus of LFH — because that sonovabitch hasn’t updated in forever.

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Interesting fact about Sebastian Bach:

He has a sister who’s an actress, Dylan Bierk (that’s the family’s real last name) – she was in “Jason X” playing one of the Marines (the blonde girl with attitude).

Not a real stretch, one sibling a musician, the other an actress, right?

Know what the third one does?

Zac Bierk is a (former) NHL goaltender. Still kicking around the minors somewhere.


Hurrah!! I love you for being my first stewie!!!! 😉 :bff:

I didn’t realise your b’day was only a day before mine…is it any wonder we get along so well!?! 😉


I love your commentary. some very cool events in there.


I wanted in on the action….here we go…

1832 – In Hiram, Ohio a group of men beat, tar and feather Mormon leader Joseph Smith, Jr.. I do the same thing when they knock on my door.

1973 – Rock band Pink Floyd releases The Dark Side of the Moon … nuf said

1989 – Exxon Valdez oil spill… no wonder i’m paying 3.50 a gal.

1930 Steve McQueen… Just cool !

1976 – Peyton Manning… In every way a winner.

World Tuberculosis Day…. I’ll be your huckleberry.


Ace, wow, you know your Sebastian.

Hot, I giggled like a schoolgirl

Snooze, why thank you. I’m particularly fond of sharing a birthday with the Newster.

Scrapple, excellent TB reference, sir!