The Hand of God and the Vatican

At the end of Stephen King’s The Stand, there is this great scene where the “hand of God” comes down from the heavens, touches a nuclear warhead and Las Vegas is destroyed.

I wish that would happen to Vatican City… if only for the irony.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing at all against God. I’ve even been known to pray on a few occasions. Well, not really “known to pray” because, for me, praying is a private thing. But, the point is, I love God and I hate the church.

I’ve always disliked organized religion, but it’s only recently that I’ve really started to hate the Vatican — in particular the Pope and his flunkies. Seriously, when will this assclown die?

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Yes, I want the Pope dead. But he’s lucky. Usually, I wish cancer and/or Aids on people I wish dead. He’s just getting the death wish — quick and painless is fine. Just die already. Seriously. I’m tired of every time this cat opens his mouth, nothing but hate spews first.

Among other things, he’s compared abortion to the holocaust in the same breath. Let’s be realistic, regardless of what you feel about abortion, it’s not comparable to the holocaust. For one, like it or not, an embryo is not a human. Yes, it’s life, but a thinking, functioning human it is not. And to compare it to the pain and torture of the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other groups went through is deplorable.

He’s also considers gay marriage “evil.” Nice one, asshole. I can really tell you are living up to the bible’s teachings of brotherly love. How in the fuck does it affect you who a man or woman marries? I mean, other than the fact you don’t like it. And the irony is, the church is so good at damning things like homosexuality and abortion, but at the same time they are accepting of pedophilia.

That’s right. You heard me. The church accepts pedophilia.

How many times have child molesting priests been moved from one town to another to protect the church from scandal? I’m betting that’s a number we will never know.

And, at one time, the church told law enforcement that they would not release the names of suspected/known pedophiles — they would handle the incidents internally.

Excuse me?


Who in the fuck do you think you are?

It is not your job to handle the “incidents” — either internally or, well, AT ALL! This is not theft of office supplies. But hey, I understand. You don’t want the bad press. Just remember, tolerance is acceptance. And, believe me, you are only fooling yourselves if you think your are not just tolerating it.

Now, to get on track, back to the pope.

Seriously dude, just die. It would be one thing if you were a crazy man on the street preaching hate. But millions of people, for some reason, revere you as if you speak for God. Which, man, I pray that you don’t. If you do, we are all in for a shitty afterlife. Because your God is a bastard and I don’t want to be part of him.

One day, I hope the Hand of God introduces itself to the Vatican.

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