Social butterfly…

Social butterfly.That’s what my friend, Mykl, called me last week.

That’s why I haven’t updated this blog in, like, forever.

The fact that he called me a social butterfly is funny on numerous levels, number one being I generally dislike people, and I dislike being around them even more. But, alas, I can’t deny that I have been fluttering around all sorts of gatherings as of late.

The big gathering, of course (and what this blog will be about) is HorrorFind 2007. Or, as I like to call it, Dorkfest 2007. My friends laugh when I call HorrorFind a dorkfest. Especially since it’s the one thing I look forward to most every August. For five (or six) years, I’ve been going. In its most basic nutshell, HorrorFind is a horror convention, where horror stars, past and present, show up and sign autographs for exorbitant fees, and it has a dealer room extraordinaire where you can get all sorts of goodies from DVDs to posters to shirts to action figures to serial killer snowglobes (I have three).

The first two HorrorFinds I went to, it was all about meeting the stars. Linda Blair, Bruce Campbell, Gunnar Hanson, Angela Bettis, Tony Todd and on and on. But, with each passing year, it’s become more of an opportunity to see friends I haven’t seen in a while (sometimes since the previous year, sometimes I meet “online” friends for the first time). And an opportunity to drink and have a good time. This year was no exception.

This year is one of my favorites (the other being two years ago, when it seemed that everybody who was anybody came down to Baltimore for the party. Tom, Ron, Tressa, Nicki, Eric, Travis, Fred, Joe, Kevin, JP, Matt, Hubert. Hell, I think everyone was there). But this year, while my friends Tom, Ron and Tressa couldn’t make it, everyone else could (including my buddy Andy, who flew in from Washington).

Hopefully, my friends from Europe — Rosie, Dan and Milos — can come down for the weekend one year. As well as everyone else from HorrorTalk that haven’t made it out just yet.

I haven’t taken pics with celebrities in a couple years. But a couple months ago I won a pretty penny in Atlantic City, so I socked it away so I could go all out at the convention.

First up, John Franklin and Courntey Gaines (who played Isaac and Malachi, respectively, in Children of the Corn) . Somehow, Gaines ended up at the same party I was at Saturday night. That was cool.

I couldn’t resist taking a snap with Tom Noonan, star of films like Heat and Manhunter. This cat has got to be 6’4″ or more. I’m 6′ for reference.

Danielle Harris is in the new Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Not to mention the roles she had in Halloween 4 and 5. She’s a hot tamale.

No HorrorFind is complete without a pic with Tom Savini. If you’ve watched horror movies, chances are you’ve seen his work. He’s done effects for films such as Dawn of the Dead (’78), Friday the 13th and Creepshow. He is a master.

Me and Eric pimp the upcoming Timewarp film release of Deadhunt. Eric wrote it, we both produced it, so you better damn well buy it! (Plus, we are in the deleted scenes, and mentioned in the commentary by director Joe Ripple and the late, great, Don Dohler!)

I couldn’t resist getting a couple of group shots with my friends. The first is most of us from HorrorTalk who could make it. The second is Andy (on my shoulders), Matt (to Andy’s left) and Eric. We were pretty much gone at this point. Shocking.

And last, but certainly not least, I’d like to throw out a special thanks to Nicki for leaving me that special gift in my bathroom. I couldn’t wait to put it to use.

I can’t wait until next year.

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You’ll be happy to hear I’m already saving up for ’08.


😡 😡 😡

Dammit, just rub it in.

Next year, my friend, next year. We’ll get pool rooms and rock it out again. 🙁


You know, Dorkfest or not, it sounds like it was a blast. And did you bring your special gift home with you?

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