I’m just throwing some random things out there…

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the premier for Kevin Kangas’ Fear of Clowns 2, the sequel to, well duh, Fear of Clowns. That’s right, I just whored my own review.

Anyway, if you are expecting a blog about said premier, you can forget it. I’m currently working on a report for HorrorTalk (whoring link #2), and that will be the exclusive (both review and report).

I will throw a couple pics out from it, though. I’m testing yet another plugin for WordPress (sorry, Mitch :lol:). I’ve not been liking the way lightbox goes under my now playing plugin, and I think this new one will fix it. I will probably have to spend some time modifying it, as I prefer some sort of border around the picture, but I’m not jumping on it just yet.  One of the things I really like about it is it takes all of my pics in a post and lumps them together.  Meaning, when you click one, there are arrows that you can click (left or right) and scroll throw all of the pics in that particular post, without having to open, close, open, close, etc.  Plus, you can click anywhere on the pic, and it will close it (as opposed to hitting the little “X” before.  For those interested, the plugin is called “Shutter Reloaded“, and it’s tiny. It’s only like 7k.

The first pic is from the premier. It’s me and a gentlemen named Bullet. Bullet is a fantastically funny man who has a small role in Clowns 2. He’s one of those guys who you meet once and never forget. The second pic is me, Leanna Chamish and my buddy Zig. Leanna is a wonderful person, who also has a role in Clowns 2 and has starred in — among other things — all of Timewarp Films’ movies. Zig, as said, is a buddy. His movie, Blood Oath (whoring #3) should be hitting the shelves soon, too.

Me and Bullet! Me, Leanna, Zig

So what is this post about? Hell, I really don’t know. I’m just throwing some random things out there.

My cousin and his woman came down this past weekend, and we went to my sister’s yearly crab feast. That was a grand time (as it always is), made grander by the arrival of my friends Zig and Ann (spell that right, Zig?) and Melinda and Dave. I hadn’t seen Melinda in a year, and Dave in probably five, so there was a lot of catching up. It’s too bad my friend, Martin, buddy fucked me at the party, but I really can’t fault him too much. Vague, yes. I may or may not get into that at a later date. We’ll see.

I grabbed a shot of my cousin and his woman. It turned out pretty damn good. I imagine he wants it. I’ll get around to emailing it to him. He never reads this blog, so I’m not worried about him bitching at me.

The coz and his woman.

Got word that Deadhunt, the movie I worked on/co-produced two years ago (whoring #4), is just a couple weeks away from being available to buy. Can’t wait for that!

Been wondering lately why people, who aren’t wrestlers, insist on referring to themselves in third person. I can’t wrap my head around that At All. (Nicki, I’m not referring to your “I am Nicki’s X” posts at all. I get those. They make me laugh). Wondertwin is down on this, for sure.

Pretty much locked into another camping trip around the end of the month. This time it looks to be a cabin. Don’t know if that counts as camping. But I’m sure it will count as good times.

Oh, before I leave, I’d like to thank the lady who was yelling at her son to stand to the right and put his elbow down so people could walk past him on the elevator today when I was heading down to the metro. That was very cool of you. It would have been better if you smacked the little assmonkey on the head, but I’m cool with the yelling.

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Hey, don’t listen to me; keep those plugins coming. You’re my official tester. 😆


Mitch, fwiw, the installation is seamless. It doesn’t change the code, should you want to go back to lightbox.


I’m a curious Lesley. Who could you possibly be referring to? LESLEYSMILE! and LESLEYHUG too! (LesleyNotDrugs are strictly optional…) :bff:


Damn, you did some serious whoring in this post! Where’s the pic of you and me, bitch?


You’ll always find me yelling at some kid or other…obviously not mine cos I don’t have any, but yelling nevertheless! 😉

Oooh…did you say cabin!?! My name is Steve…can I come along pleeeeeeeeaase!?! :yahoobig:


I love the pic of your cousin. I hope the cabin was a good time. I need a get away like that.


Hot, I’m going at the end of September. Come one, come all!

Snooze, I’m a damn dummy. I meant the end of September. What the hell’s wrong with me. And thanks, too!


Oops, aric, I already answered you and Lesley – 😆 😆 😆