It’s rare I post twice the same day…

As a matter of fact, I can’t really remember I time that I have (posting pics doesn’t count).

But what happened today was so funny and so cool that I had to get it out there.

So, kids are on spring break, so every family on the east coast decided to spend time in DC this week. And with complete disregard to those of us that actually have to work. What makes it worse is they obviously never bothered to read my post on the metro rules.

Anyway, I was stuck behind not one, not two, but FOUR families today trying to figure out how to use the metro tickets to go through the gates. Thank God I had my headphones because Iron Maiden was, ironically enough, keeping me fairly calm. Also, I could hear the mumblings of my fellow DC employeed brothers and sisters, so I knew I wasn’t in this Hell alone.

Eventually, they figured out how to put the card through the slot that says “CARD HERE” (with a picture) and the family of 40 started plowing through.

As I was finally going through the gate, one thought went through my mind.

“Fucking tourists.”

Wait a minute. That was verbal. And I don’t sound like a woman.

I turned my head I saw a woman with headphones on, too. Her mouth formed a little “o” because I don’t think she realized she could be heard.

I just busted out laughing.

“Fucking tourists.” She said again.

We both laughed and went to our seperate trains.

That would have been a good ending to a good day if when I got to my truck about 45 minutes later I had my keys.

But, nope, I left them at work.

So when I could have been home by 6, I got home at 8:30.

But you know what? It was still a good day.

Sometimes, some people don’t suck.

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