I don’t mean to tease it…


I have a really good blog post concerning a phone conversation Joy and I had the other day, but part of the breakdown I left at home, and I won’t have time to get to it tonight. Joy, for those who aren’t keeping score, is my sister and she’s always good to go to for blog posts.

I don’t mean to tease it, but that’s what I have to do since this is the month of NaBloPoMo.

However, I will leave you with a conversation I just had with two co-workers (both Asian) about Halloween.

“You know what kids in China dress up as on Halloween?” Asian friend one asked me.

“Gui lo?” I replied.

“No. Bruce Lee…” He said. He was going to say more, but Asian friend two cut him off.

“Yeah, but they don’t call that wearing a costume. They call it wearing clothes.”

I’m still laughing.

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And they like to go out for Chinese food, but the just call it food. 😆


I can’t believe it. A second post. Amazing.