Bad idea…

I was talking with my pal Snooze last night and she came up with a fantastic theme for my month of NaBloPoMo:

30 Days of Joy.

Aside from a hell of a theme title, it’s a pretty good idea. There is no doubt 30 dumbass things I could come up with my sister and I have done, and most would be funny (at least to Joy and I).

And, of course, I couldn’t think of a damn thing.

Until just now.

I went out on a date a couple weeks ago, and I met this woman through my sister.

Bad idea.

Phone calls with her usually started with things like:

“Joy told me today you were a big nerd in school.”

“I was talking to Joy, and she said you were a mama’s boy.”

“So, Joy tells me you used to play Dungeons & Dragons. You wanna tell me more about that?”

Shockingly enough, there wasn’t a second date.

In all honesty, I think it was the fact that there wasn’t a “connection”. I really liked hanging out with this woman, and, boy, did we laugh at a lot of people, but I don’t think it was there.

I’ll still blame Joy, though, because I can.