Bad idea…

I was talking with my pal Snooze last night and she came up with a fantastic theme for my month of NaBloPoMo:

30 Days of Joy.

Aside from a hell of a theme title, it’s a pretty good idea. There is no doubt 30 dumbass things I could come up with my sister and I have done, and most would be funny (at least to Joy and I).

And, of course, I couldn’t think of a damn thing.

Until just now.

I went out on a date a couple weeks ago, and I met this woman through my sister.

Bad idea.

Phone calls with her usually started with things like:

“Joy told me today you were a big nerd in school.”

“I was talking to Joy, and she said you were a mama’s boy.”

“So, Joy tells me you used to play Dungeons & Dragons. You wanna tell me more about that?”

Shockingly enough, there wasn’t a second date.

In all honesty, I think it was the fact that there wasn’t a “connection”. I really liked hanging out with this woman, and, boy, did we laugh at a lot of people, but I don’t think it was there.

I’ll still blame Joy, though, because I can.

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“you want to tell me more about that”

Sounds like Terry Gross was interviewing you.

Did you go on a date with Terry Gross?


I think Muscle-Headed Jerk Face listens to way too much NPR.

It’s too bad there was no connection. And you can totally blame Joy for that, IMO. Although mixing family and dating is just Bad Idea Jeans.


Isn’t dating wonderful?


I can’t wait to read this theme. I love your interactions with your family.

As for the date, there is no such thing as bad dates – just good anecdotes.

Dorothy Gale

Umm hello, I could think of way more than 30 dumb ass things you have done or been subjected to. How about when you pedaled your “Happy Van” down the basement steps… Anywho.