She’s still hot…

I have very limited time tonight, as it’s getting late and I have to knock out a review for HorrorTalk. So, tonight, you get very little from me.

I was reading Lesley’s blog today, and she posted the theme from “The Greatest American Hero”, which got me thinking of the original opening of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.”

I picked up the complete series box set at Walmart for $20 a couple months ago, and imagine my surprise when I saw this opening:

Holy cow! I certainly didn’t remember that opening when I was a young lad!

Well, apparently, that opening was a one shot deal, because it went to the regular one, the one I remembered, after the premiere episode.

Even still, Erin Gray’s hotness was elevated numerous notches after watching it.

I saw her at a show recently. She’s still hot.

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Holy shit. That is the best fucking opening ever!

I can barely remember anyhting from that show. How did it hold up? I might have to pick that up. :thumbsup:



Oh good grief. I truly don’t know what to say about that opening but the words ‘wildly inappropriate’ and ‘did women lose the vote in the 25th century?’ come to mind.


Admit it, you love her for teh Silver Spoons!


Now we know why his name was buck:

My name is Buck and I am here to f……..


That is hotness. Then again, she did it for me back then anyway.


Well, I think I will be picking this up during the DDD 20% sale. Can’t go wrong for like $16. :yay: